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"Smell the revitalising scent of a eucalyptus leaf as you crush it in your hand... Molecules of pure essential oils will surround you as you step into Perfect Potion."

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Salvatore Battaglia
Salvatore Battaglia Perfect Potion Founder & Managing Director

Message from Sal

First and foremost, my thoughts are with everyone in Victoria and around the world who have had to endure some very strict lockdown restrictions. For those of us coming out of lockdown, as frustrating as it is, we all should be ever so mindful of following the advice of the our local health legislators – whether it is wearing a face mask or social distancing... READ MORE

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Our Ethos

Perfect Potion harmonises social and environmental concerns with the aesthetic appreciation and healing benefits of aromatherapy. While the sun powers our manufacturing facility, we are proudly Australian owned and made with strict organic, natural and cruelty-free certifications.

  • ACO Certified
  • ACO Organic
  • NO Animals
  • ACO Natural

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