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Receive a deep, rejuvenating sleep with this symphony of the most comforting aromas.



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About Our Comforting Sleep Essential Oil Blends

Did you know that certain pure essential oils have sedative and stress-relieving qualities?

Lose yourself in a deep slumber with our expertly formulated essential oils blends for sleep.

The soft, sleepy aromas of our sleep oils have therapeutic qualities to help promote relaxation and melt away tension, so you can unwind for a good night's rest.

Our Sweet Dreams blend features an angelic symphony of scents that invite blissful dreaming. Crafted from the soothing aromas of lavender, clary sage and Roman chamomile, it is no surprise the Sweet Dreams collection is a favourite amongst Perfect Potion lovers. Wind down with our Sweet Dreams essential oil, or drift to sleep with the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist.

Our Snooze essential oil blend is perfect for those who need more deep, slow wave sleep. With therapeutic pure essential oils said to alleviate emotional exhaustion and stabilise your nervous system, Snooze promotes a deep and restorative rest. Diffuse Snooze and fall asleep to the sedative and tranquil aromas of lavender, sweet orange, petitgrain and vetiver.

The best way to experience aromatherapy and use essential oils for a great night’s sleep is to pair them with a diffuser.