Perfect Potion Sustainability

We tread gently on the earth, we love the world we live in and we thrive on enriching it.

As an Australian and family-owned aromatherapy company, we take great care to ensure we tread gently on the planet. As a collective, we are now more than ever, being called to do better for the environment, whether that be by installing solar panels on our homes, reducing waste, recycling, composting, reducing water usage, and so on. Manufacturing companies especially have a large responsibility in ensuring their production practices are congruent with the Earth’s needs as “customers have shown that they care, and sustainability is here to stay.”1

Perfect Potion is unique and fortunate in that we are able to design, manufacture and distribute all of our aromatherapy preparations under one roof (solar powered, may we add) in Brisbane, Australia. This alone means we are able to substantially reduce our carbon footprint. The 294 solar panels power our lab, manufacturing facility and Head Office and feed energy back into the grid. We are also compost-enthusiasts and compost our food waste to fuel our garden.

All of our products’ ingredients are sustainably sourced, and most are certified organic. While this is not only better for you, organic ingredients also enhance the health of the soil, plants, animals, and the planet as a whole. By sourcing quality, certified organic ingredients, we are also supporting local farmers and businesses, strengthening our community and economy.

By the time our beautiful products are delivered to you, they have been packaged, despatched and shipped using sustainable packaging. We even have a special cardboard crimper that allows us to repurpose cardboard boxes to be used as packing paper, replacing plastic bubble wrap. We continue to convert our product packaging to glass, aluminium and recycled cardboard and roll out refill stations for our products. Recently, we have rolled out refill services for our deodorants and our best-selling Chakra Balancing Mist so our dedicated customers can bring in their empty, glass bottles to refill to their heart’s content without waste. All these actions contribute to change. In two years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 100%, water consumption by 74.89% and waste to landfill by 65.6%.

It takes commitment by all of the team at Perfect Potion to achieve these results, and we are proud of their ongoing commitment to change. We thank you for supporting us and our environmental initiatives to ensure we can continue to enjoy nature’s gifts, while improving the health of the Earth. By truly embracing sustainable innovation and seeking out creative solutions, we have been able to further implement our values to help look after our oceans, animals and the planet as a whole, while creating natural products that support your wellbeing.

Perfect Potion's purpose-built Head Office is located at 7 Guardhouse Road, Banyo. Visit our on-site shop and take a look around our sustainable, energy-efficient facility.


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