Ultimate Blends Aromatherapy Value Bundle

Ultimate Blends Aromatherapy Value Bundle

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The ultimate diffuser blends collection. Masterfully blended by Salvatore Battaglia, these 20 essential oil blends will support your every mood and create a positive atmosphere for you and those you love. This is the perfect dream collection to start your aromatherapy journey today!


Cruelty Free
Australian Made
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced

Essential Oil Blends Included:

Relax, Positive Vibes, Hug Time, Spa Escape, Celebration, Eros, Breathe Easy, Happy & Calm, Great Outdoors, Space Clearing, Mother Earth, Refresh, Snooze, Soul Comfort, Focus, Sweet Dreams, Mindfulness, Exotic Spice, Aroma Defence and Forest Bathing.