At Perfect Potion, we are deeply passionate about nature and caring for our beautiful planet.
It is our ethos to tread gently on the earth, which is a constant journey of improvement.

One of the ways we reduce our eco-footprint is by offering in-store recycling.
Please view the below infographic to learn how to recycle your empty Perfect Potion bottles.

How to recycle your Perfect Potion packaging...

1. Refill

Refill at Perfect Potion if you have a refillable product.

To find out more about our refill stations, please view our refills webpage under the Visit tab.

Learn More About In-Store Refill

2. Recycle

Recycle eligible packaging with your local council, such as:

- paper / cardboard
- glass
- aluminium
- PET plastic

3. Return to Perfect Potion

Bring back packaging, which you cannot recycle locally, to your nearest Perfect Potion store.

This can include:

- pumps
- sprays
- eye droppers
- dripolators
- plastic lids
- wads

We will send this to the appropriate recycler or TerraCycle


Teams in store will accept Perfect Potion packaging.
Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept the packaging of other brands.


More ways we tread gently on the earth...

  • environmentally-friendly packaging with our cardboard crimper.
  • sustainable glass packaging where possible, and recycled PET plastic for items that need more safety precautions.
  • refill options in all our stores for our most popular products.
  • sustainably sourced materials, certified organic and certified natural where possible.
  • always cruelty-free, and predominantly vegan and plant-based potions.
  • a solar-powered HQ and warehouse - locally made and Australian-owned, based in Meanjin (Brisbane).
Lear More About Perfect Potion's Sustainability Mission