Sleep and Relax Value Bundle

Sleep and Relax Value Bundle

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This dreamy bundle is an investment in your wellness, sleep and relaxation are vital in everyone's wellbeing. Harness the power of botanicals with our top-selling sleep and relaxation range. Create the atmosphere with diffuser blends, use aromatic mists on yourself or linen, use balms for direct absorption or travel with your hand roller-ball.

Includes: Relax Essential Oil Blend, Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend, Relax Balm, Sweet Dreams Balm, Relax Aromatic Mist, Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist and Relax Pulse Point.

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Relax Essential Oil Blend

Relax and unwind with this serene blend of lavender, sweet orange, geranium and ylang ylang pure essential oils.

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

Create a dreamy paradise and drift off into sweet dreams with the relaxing aromas of lavender, chamomile, clary sage, sweet orange and petitgrain in this calming pure essential oil blend.

Relax Aromatic Mist

Mist from head to toe and inhale deeply to instantly feel the stress melt away. Infused with pure essential oils known to help with relaxation and calming Australian bush flower essences to soothe anxiety.

Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

Mist your pillow and bedsheets with Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist and snuggle up for a good night’s rest. With pure essential oils known to help you sleep and Australian bush flower essences that facilitate deeper connection to your intuition and higher self.

Relax Aromatherapy Balm

Massage into your temples, wrists, shoulders and the back of neck during times of stress, encouraging a blissful state of relaxation and calm.

Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Balm

Massage this sleep-inducing balm into your temples, wrists, shoulders and the back of your neck to prepare your mind and body for a deep, restful sleep.

Relax Pulse Point

Invite peace and calm into your life wherever you are with this relaxing and conveniently portable potion. Our Relax Aromatherapy Pulse Point fits perfectly into your handbag to carry with you anywhere for instant relaxation and relief from stress.