Chakra Diffuser Gift Set

Empower yourself to become a self-healer with this energy balancing kit.
Chakra Essential Oil Blends Kit | Your Choice of Black/White Gohan Diffuser

When our chakras are aligned, balanced and harmonious, we are our best selves. We are full of life, energy, gratitude, inspiration and vivacity. However, life is a constant balancing act and sometimes our chakras fall out of balance. Our divinely aromatic Chakra Essential Oil Blends Kit was crafted to empower you to flourish using aromatherapy alongside the chakra energy healing framework to restore harmony to body, mind and spirit.

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    Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘spinning wheel,’ and is a concept that originated more than 2,000 years ago in ancient traditional, esoteric Tantric practices of India. It is believed that throughout our body, we have energy centres that are connected to body, mind and spirit: and these spinning wheels of energy are considered the centre of our life force. When there is harmony throughout the chakras, we live our most vibrant and rich lives; however, when our chakras are out of balance (overactive or underactive), it can cause a state of dis-ease.  

    Our Chakra Essential Oil Blend Kit was created as a tool to help balance your energy centres, and support your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The seven individual blends allow you to specifically address each chakra and heal any imbalances as they occur, and to support your journey of self-discovery.

    BALANCE Blend – Base Chakra

    Our Balance Chakra Blend is a synergy of grounding, strengthening, centering essential oils including: black pepper, vetiver, sweet orange, patchouli and Atlas cedarwood, with pure lavender for calm. Use our Balance Chakra Blend if you need to feel more safe, secure, grounded, centred and strong. ⁠ ⁠

    ALLURE Blend – Sacral Chakra

    Our Allure Chakra Blend is deeply sensual and warm in nature, featuring jasmine absolute, mandarin, sandalwood, cardamom, ylang ylang and patchouli pure essential oils. Use Allure Chakra Blend if you need to embrace your self-worth and sensuality, unleash your creative potential, and feel in flow with life's sweet moments.

    HARMONY Blend – Solar Plexus Chakra

    Our Harmony Chakra Blend is empowering and helps build confidence, with a protective strengthening blend of vetiver, juniper berry, lemon, frankincense, Roman chamomile and aniseed pure essential oils. Use Harmony Chakra Bland if you need a little more encouragement to value and believe in yourself.

    COMPASSION Blend – Heart Chakra

    Our Compassion Chakra Blend is full of pure essential oils that embody a gentle yet radiantly loving energy to help expand your heart centre. It's a synergy of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, may chang, rose absolute, and neroli pure essential oils. ⁠Use Compassion Chakra Blend to open up your heart to gentle, forgiving, compassionate love.

    EXPRESSIVE Blend – Throat Chakra 

    Our Expressive Chakra Blend is a calming blend of German chamomile, sandalwood, basil and sweet orange pure essential oils. Use Expressive Chakra Blend to speak with honesty, meaning and from a place of serenity and calm.⁠

    INSIGHT Blend – Third Eye Chakra

    Our Insight Chakra Blend is created with pure essential oils that open your third eye and help you understand spiritual truths, with a synergy of clary sage, fragonia, lavender, rosemary, sage, and bergamot. ⁠Use Insight Chakra Blend to reconnect to your innate, intuitive wisdom.⁠

    COSMIC Blend – Crown Chakra 

    Our Cosmic Chakra Blend is created with pure essential oils that allow you to see the divine within and without. It's an aromatic symphony of lavender, frankincense, East Indian sandalwood and cold pressed lime. Use Cosmic Chakra Blend to guide you on your journey of self-actualisation, and reconnect with the divine wisdom of your higher consciousness.

    The kit also includes the Practical Guide to Chakras and Aromatherapy booklet, which explores vibrational energy, subtle aromatherapy, the basics of chakras, how to use chakra essential oil blends, a self-exploration questionnaire to begin your self-healing journey, and other chakra balancing tips

    (Black or White) Gohan Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser 

    Enjoy the beauty of the beautifully designed White Gohan Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser and create a calming environment by diffusing your favourite pure essential oils. The ultrasonic vibrations within the diffuser generate cool, hydrating mist as the pure essential oils of your choice fill your special space. It features two running modes for the mist and has a light that runs independently of the mist. Choose your mist and light mode to customise your aromatherapy experience.

    All of our diffusers are ultrasonic. An ultrasonic diffuser negates the positive ions which can be detrimental to our health. These positive ions are present because of electronics, plastic and other polluting chemicals in our environment.

    o No heating element used; gently diffuses essential oils without heat.
    o Ceramic cover in two colours; black or white
    o Continuous or intermittent settings
    o Operates for several hours and automatically turns off when water level is low.
    o Displays mood-enhancing coloured lights 
    o For use at home or office
    o Easy to use and maintain
    o BPA-free
    o 1-year warranty

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