DIY Aromatherapy Rollerball with Essential Oils

DIY Aromatherapy Rollerball with Essential Oils

Get creative and make your own DIY aromatherapy rollerball using essential oils! In this blog, find simple and easy recipes for aromatherapy pulse points and natural roll-on perfumes; inspiration and insight into which essential oil blend to choose; and a downloadable, printable recipe card.
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Aromatherapy Rollerball DIY

Have you ever fallen in love with an essential oil blend and wished it was a perfume?
Or do you want to take aromatherapy on the go to use on your pulse points when you need a pick-me-up?

Create your own aromatherapy rollerballs with this simple DIY!

What you’ll need:

* S A F E T Y   N O T I C E *

Even though the essential oils are being diluted in this recipe for topical application, we still recommend avoiding blends with high quantities of spice oils (such as clove, cinnamon etc.) and taking care with lemon-scented oils (such as lemongrass, may chang and lemon myrtle etc.) as these can potentially cause skin irritation and photosensitivity. If you would like to use blends containing these oils, we recommend consulting an aromatherapist to ensure you are using aromatherapy safely and effectively.

Step 1. 

Add up to 10 drops of your chosen essential oil blend to the rollerball.


Step 2. 

Fill with jojoba oil to the shoulder of the bottle, leaving room for the lid.


Step 3. 

Firmly press the roller top in.


Step 4. 

Give it a gentle shake, label your bottle, and enjoy!


Not sure which blend to choose?

Here are some suggestions…


Traditionally, creating perfumes is an intricate artform that deeply considers how scents layer, how long they last and how they synergise with skin. When it’s an aromatherapy perfume, such as our divine aromatherapy perfume range, further care and attention is required to capture the personality of a signature essential oil, and enhance its aroma to awaken your imagination, enhance your wellbeing, express your personality and arouse emotion and passion. Perfumes are also customarily created with a special perfume ethanol base, and contain a stronger dilution of essential oils to have lasting wear.

However, for a simple DIY aromatherapy rollerball you can wear as you would a perfume, use the recipe above with some of our beautiful essential oil blends.

This way, you can create your own mesmerising perfumes to wear your favourite aromas as your own signature scent. Conveniently pocket-sized, these are perfect for topping up when out and about, fantastic for travel, and a wonderful way to indulge your imagination and create some beautiful, natural, plant-based, wearable aromatherapy fragrances.


Allure Blend Rollerball

Warm and Opulent | Richly Floral | Subtle Spice and Mandarin Notes

One of our most popular chakra blends, Allure balances the sacral chakra and is deeply sensual and warm in nature; featuring jasmine absolute, mandarin, sandalwood, cardamom, ylang ylang and patchouli pure essential oils. Use this enticing blend of warm, rich florals, sweet mandarin and subtle spices in your rollerball to embrace your self-worth and sensuality, unleash your creative potential, and indulge in life’s sweet moments.

Smells like: balmy summer nights, the swish of silken fabrics, golden jewellery glittering

Top Notes: cardamom, mandarin
Middle Notes: jasmine absolute, ylang ylang
Base Notes: patchouli, sandalwood



Hug Time Blend Rollerball

Sweet and Musky | Rosy Florals | Soft and Delicate

Hug Time is loveliness in a bottle. With a heavenly bouquet of rose absolute, lavender, sweet orange, palmarosa, geranium, patchouli, ginger and ylang ylang, this beautiful blend is sweet and captivating with angelic charm. Originally created as a wedding gift, the story behind this blend is of tender romance, true love and happily ever afters. Use the enchantingly sweet, almost-musky floral aroma of Hug Time to embrace gentleness and empathy, to nurture your spirit and find enchantment in everything around you.

Smells like: cotton candy clouds, the tenderness of love, honeyed spring mornings with dewy blossoms

Top Notes: sweet orange
Middle Notes: geranium, ginger, lavender, palmarosa, lavender, rose absolute
Base Notes: patchouli, ylang ylang



Mother Earth Blend Rollerball

Warm and Rosy | Rich and Deep | Earthy and Full-Bodied

Our beautiful new Mother Earth blend has sweet citrus notes, lush florals and warm, earthy aromas to embody the loving and divine essence of mother nature. Grounding vetiver and patchouli revitalise and nourish the spirit, cardamom and sweet orange inspire joyful optimism, and the deeply floral synergy of rose absolute and geranium embody the love, heart and soul of mother earth. Use this rich, lush, earthy blend to reconnect with nature and embody nurturing kindness, divine love, and to honour your own divinity.

Smells like: a lush meadow filled with wildflowers after rain, a walk in the forest, motherly love

Top Notes: cardamom, sweet orange
Middle Notes: geranium, rose absolute
Base Notes: patchouli, vetiver



Pocket Potions - aromatherapy on the go

Take the incredible benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go. These aromatherapy rollerballs allow you to carry inspiring, motivating, grounding, soothing essential oils on-the-go, to enjoy vibrant wellness at any time and any place.


Chakra Balancing Blend Rollerball

When your aura is feeling murky, you’re feeling frustrated, agitated, stressed or frazzled, use the Chakra Balancing blend to restore balance to your chakra energy centres and harmonise your aura. Simultaneously uplifting and grounding, the divinely aromatic Chakra Balancing blend helps you find emotional harmony and spiritual elevation with 25 of the most inspiring pure essential oils, including frankincense, sandalwood, sweet orange, rose otto and pink lotus absolute. Take this pocket-sized potion with you everywhere and use whenever you need to rebalance your chakras, restore and enhance your auric field, and realign your body, mind and spirit to harmonic vibrational resonance.


Zest Blend Rollerball

Need an instant pick-me-up to help you focus and refresh? Carry this little potion of zesty clarity and concentration with you anywhere. The perfect pocket size to fit into your pencil case and take to school, uni, the library or the office, this is a fantastic way of carrying your favourite uplifting, mind-focussing aromas whenever you need it. Boost motivation levels and harness your learning potential with the refreshing and creativity-enhancing aromas of cold-pressed lime, rosemary, sweet orange and mandarin pure essential oils in Zest to help you achieve your aspirations with a clear, sharp mind.



Mindfulness Blend Rollerball

Honour the present moment and enhance your awareness and creativity with this nurturing, grounding blend. Take it with you everywhere to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness whenever you need, and roll it onto your pulse-points with mindful intention. Take a few still moments to slow down, take a breath, breathe in the beautiful aroma and bring yourself into the present. With calming lavender, uplifting lemon, and the nurturing, earthy aromas of black spruce, vetiver, sandalwood, Buddha wood and Atlas cedarwood, this blend helps you find conscious awareness of the world around you. 



Soul Comfort Rollerball

Feeling stressed, unsettled or anxious? Help soothe and calm the spirit with the gentle aromas of Soul Comfort blend. Carry this potion of comfort and love with you everywhere, and apply on your pulse points, temples, neck and everywhere to envelop yourself in the nurturing, grounding aromas of patchouli, lemon, geranium, bergamot, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, hinoki wood and Buddha wood pure essential oils. These essential oils help you feel protected and safe, like a warm, reassuring hug, to comfort the soul and uplift the spirit.

*We have quite a few blends that work well with anxiousness – come visit us in store to find the best blends to support you!



Snooze Blend Rollerball

Useful for bedtime for a good night’s sleep, Snooze is like a comforting weighted blanket to tuck you in and make you feel safe, nurtured, loved and secure. Snooze is mindfully created with petitgrain to help stabilise the nervous system, vetiver to alleviate mental and emotional exhaustion, as well as calming, tension-reducing lavender and comforting sweet orange to help you find tranquility and relaxation. Use this rollerball at bedtime on the back of your neck, on your pulse-points, on your temples and on your feet to promote a deep and rejuvenating rest. You can also use it when you’re feeling stressed and anxious to help find grounding, comfort and calm.



We hope this simple DIY inspires you to get creative and incorporate the beauty and magic of essential oils into your daily ritual.


Download Your Recipe Card