The acronym LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) is used in Japan to describe the lifestyle trend that supports complementary therapies, organic food and holistic wellbeing practices that have an emphasis on the environment.

As our concerns for global warming and degradation of our environment and well-being increases, more and more people are turning to a sustainable lifestyle that is socially and environmentally responsible.

The “Green Goddess” which best describes our customer follows LOHAS principles. The Green Goddess is a socially and environmentally responsible individual who looks for ways of enhancing their health and finding balance in their life, they desire to lead a life that is in harmony with nature.

Perfect Potion is dedicated to observing the LOHAS values. Not only do we manufacture natural products that nurture and promote wellbeing, we only use ecologically sustainable and natural ingredients. For example, we source locally made raw ingredients that help regenerate the environment. Zest Body Polish is made with salt from the Australian Murray-Darling River Basin. We use an extensive range of certified organic raw materials in our skincare preparations. Certified organic raw materials can be more expensive, however organic farming is done on a smaller scale and utilises farm management practices which do not harm the environment and wildlife. By supporting organics we are securing a better and healthier future for ourselves, our children and our planet.

We use raw ingredients that support indigenous communities. Our certified organic coconut oil is sourced from Pacific Island Communities. This assists the economy of local island communities and encourages local entrepreneurship. LOHAS should also embrace and respect cultural diversity. One way in which Perfect Potion celebrates and embraces the cultural diversity of human kind is through the development of products such as the Peace perfumes – Shanti, Salam, Sohl and Shalom. These exquisite perfumes are created to awaken your senses and infuse your being with the rich and ancient cultures of the Middle East and India – and celebrate the cultural diversity of humanity.

LOHAS is still seen as a trend by many people, however as the serious damage to our environment becomes more obvious, LOHAS will become a necessary way of life for all of us. Perfect Potion is proud to be leading the way in Australia by promoting LOHAS values and LOHAS way of life.

Palm Oil In Perfect Potion Products

Perfect Potion uses a small number of raw materials that are derived from sustainably sourced palm oil. We clearly identify which of our products contain palm oil-derived ingredients on the website.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

All raw materials containing palm oil-derivatives are purchased through members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

More information about the RSPO and its certified producers can be found at  Specific information regarding sustainable palm oil can be found at

Palm and palm kernel oil 
Obtained from the palm fruit, Palm oil is a basic ingredient in food. It is also used, to a significantly smaller extent, in home and personal care products, as well as for technical applications like coating additives or synthetic lubricants.

Palm kernel oil, obtained from the kernel of the palm fruit, differs from palm oil. For example, high-quality, specialty fats for the confectionery industry are obtained from palm kernel oil in various processes. It is also used to manufacture products used in the cosmetics, detergent and cleaner industries.

According to the “Oil World Annual 2010, ISTA Mielke” statistics, 164.8 million tons of oils and fats were consumed worldwide in 2009, with the largest share (approx. 80%) being used for food and feed. Palm and soya oils make up the largest amounts and are the most important raw materials. The worldwide consumption of palm and palm kernel oils was 50.5 million tons over the same period. Palm oil and palm kernel oil represented about 90% and ten% respectively (according to the above mentioned source).

Protecting natural resources

Our ingredient suppliers are committed to maintaining an active RSPO membership.

The goal of the current >600 RSPO members is to jointly develop legal, technical, ecological and social criteria to promote the sustainable manufacture and use of palm oil products and to implement them in the market place.

In 2008, the oil palm industry set up criteria for sustainability, and it is the first industrial agricultural commodity industry ever to do so. The principles also aim to ensure that the farming of palm oil products is compatible with the protection of the rain forests and their biodiversity.

Currently, the RSPO is the only multi-stakeholder organization that supports the process of implementing sound principles, key indicators and criteria for sustainable crude palm and palm kernel oil production. However, it will take time to implement these principles throughout the whole supply chain in their entirety and to the full extent.

Commitment to sustainable sourcing

As sustainable development is an integral part of our business strategy, we actively support the use of certified sustainable sources from members of the RSPO for palm and palm kernel oil where these ingredients are required in our products.

When sourcing new raw materials, the origin of the ingredient is always considered, and we continuously monitor the market and ingredient suppliers for palm-oil free alternatives to the ingredients we use.

Below is a complete list of products containing palm oil-derived ingredients: