The Scent of Happiness: Eudaimonia, hedonia and essential oils

The Scent of Happiness: Eudaimonia, hedonia and essential oils

What is true happiness? Dive deeper into the philosophy of happiness, and learn why aromatherapist and master blender Salvatore Battaglia intentionally chose each oil in our beloved Happy & Calm blend. From euphoric, elated hedonia to purposeful, contented eudaimonia; joy takes many forms - and it's the balance that makes for a true happiness.
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Since the dawn of humankind, the pursuit of happiness has been the topic of scholars and researchers, healers and medics, psychologists, scientists and philosophers.

It’s an elusive concept to grasp; the intangible and subjective nature of emotions making it near impossible to identify and more difficult still to truly understand.

Happiness can be found when biting into a delicious cake; when frolicking at the beach; and when indulging in a long cuddle on the couch with your loved ones. It can appear as euphoric elation, as warm contentment, and anything in between.

Sonja Lyumomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, describes happiness as The experience of joy, contentment, or positive wellbeing, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.” 1

Perfect Potion founder and leading aromatherapy expert Salvatore Battaglia explains that Lumomirsky is referring to the hedonic(enjoyment and pleasure) and eudaimonic (purpose, meaning and fulfilment) aspects of happiness.2

Hedonic wellbeing comprises subjective or emotional wellbeing; incorporating factors such as joyfulness, pleasure, and enjoyment.3

On the other hand, eudaimonic wellbeing is associated with feelings of inner peace, fulfilment, virtue, vitality and satisfaction with life.4

In his chapter on Aromatherapy and Mental Health in Volume III of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Salvatore Battaglia further explores the topic of eudaimonia and hedonia and how it relates to a flourishing sense of wellbeing – to find true, flourishing happiness, you need a balance of both.2

To achieve this happiness balance, Positive Psychology researcher and author Courtney Ackerman recommends focusing on social relationships, committing to experiencing the good in life, focusing on fun and laughter, and enhancing your sense of meaning and purposefulness.4

And this balanced state of flourishing happiness can be further encouraged and enhanced with essential oils.

Essential oils can help us find meaning in our lives: they elevate our spirits. I am in awe when I experience a beautiful essential oil, and essential oils make me feel alive. I also feel connected - not just with all of humankind - but with all of nature.” – Salvatore Battaglia

One particularly wonderful essential oil blend to enhance both eudaimonic and hedonic happiness is our Happy & Calm blend – a beautiful, simple blend of sweet orange, lavender, Roman chamomile and frankincense pure essential oils.


Sweet orange is the star ingredient of Happy & Calm. Bursting with positivity, happiness and vitality, sweet orange lifts your spirits whenever you feel gloomy. It brings enjoyment, playfulness and pleasure to the blend; representing the more hedonicaspect of happiness.

To nurture the eudaimonic nature of happiness; the blend includes lavender, Roman chamomile and frankincense pure essential oils. These three oils help you stay connected to your purpose – especially in times of stress and life challenges.

The warm, resinous aroma of frankincense comforts the soul and creates a mindful, meditative state; encouraging spiritual reflection on your purpose.

Roman chamomile’s soothing herbaceous scent relieves any tension and anger you may be holding onto.

Beautifully calming and nurturing lavender reminds you to nourish all the important relationships you have in your life.


With the Roman chamomile, frankincense and lavender encouraging calm and purposeful eudaimonic happiness, and joyful sweet orange nurturing hedonic happiness, Happy & Calm is our best representation of what true contentment and happiness feels like – embodying the teaching of Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh: “True happiness is based on peace.” 6

Roll Happy & Calm onto your pulse points; mist your room, body or mask; and use the blend to diffuse happiness throughout your life.

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