The Beauty of Rose: A Love-infused Skincare Ritual

The Beauty of Rose: A Love-infused Skincare Ritual

Rose has long been heralded as the most beautiful of flowers, and is associated with goddesses of love and beauty. The rich, rosy, floral notes of rose have captivated the hearts of poets for centuries, and the beloved flower has decorated art throughout history.

“The rose, queen of flowers! Her fragrance, captured in the essential oil, is the most precious of all heavenly scents. It refreshes the soul; its fragrant poetry brings joy to the heart.”  - Fischer-Rizzi


Rose has long been heralded as the most beautiful of flowers, and is associated with goddesses of love and beauty. The rich, floral notes of rose have captivated the hearts of poets for centuries, and the beloved flower has decorated art throughout history.

Embody the divine grace and allure of the rose with this love-infused beauty ritual.

Princess of Roses

One legend says that rose oil was first discovered at the wedding feast of a princess. In this romantic tale, rose petals filled fountains and canals at the grand wedding of Princess Nour Djihan and Emperor Djihanguyr of the Mughal Empire. The heat of the afternoon sun on the hundreds of blooms created a residue on the surface of the water with an intoxicating scent. Enchanted, the princess ran her hands through this water and was enamoured with the fragrance that clung to her fingertips; discovering that the sunbeams had separated oil from water. This sun-distilled rose attar essential oil was bottled as a tribute to her by her husband, and has been prized for its perfume and beauty ever since.

Precious Rose Essential Oil

To capture the essence of the blooming rose, the flowers are hand-picked from dawn through the early morning while temperatures are at their coolest. Rose essential oil is a very prized resource, and between 30 to 60 roses are required to produce just one precious drop of rose oil.

The most treasured of the rose essential oils is rose otto: the steam-distilled essence of the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena) flower. Its heavenly fragrance is associated with the realm of angels and the energy of universal love, and this exquisite oil requires thousands of petals to create.

Beautiful rose absolute is created from solvent-extracted Rose Maroc (Rosa centifolia), also known as ‘cabbage rose’ or ‘French rose,’ and is energetically hypnotic, vivacious, passionate and charming: symbolising the desires of the human heart.


“The subtle qualities of rose otto and rose absolute are quite different. Worwood best describes the difference between the two oils. She explains that the etheric realms associate rose absolute with the desires of the human heart while rose otto is likened to the realm of angels.”

Salvatore Battaglia, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy (Vol 1, 3rd Edition)

Roses for Body, Mind and Spirit

Sublime, rich and deeply romantic, the aroma of rose is uplifting to the spirit and healing to the heart. In aromatherapy, rose soothes feelings of anxiety, fear and anger.

It is a comforting aroma that dissolves psychological and emotional pain, refreshes hearts burdened with sadness, and opens the heart to empathy and compassion.

Physiologically, the aroma of rose engages the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce our fight or flight stress response to ease anxiety, and inhaling the scent improves the reuptake of serotonin to help with depression. Rose is also considered an aphrodisiac, making it truly a flower of love. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC), rose nourishes heart yin and clears excess heat. This gentle, nurturing bloom teaches us to love ourselves and others unconditionally, and is associated with the heart chakra.

Roses for Beauty

In skin care, roses offer a treasure trove of skin beautifying properties: softening and hydrating the skin; effectively soothing redness and inflammation; enhancing skin tone; and bestowing a healthy glow. Rose otto has a toning, firming effect on the skin, and stimulates skin cell turnover to reveal fresher looking skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and strengthens blood capillaries. Though everyone can benefit from the beauty-enhancing properties of rose, it is especially ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin, and for redness and rosacea, with the healing properties of rose calming the skin to allow you to blossom from the inside.

In this luxurious, sensual two-step ritual, envelop yourself in love and enchantment with this divine flower, to remember you are as alluringly beautiful as the rose.


Rose Beauty Ritual


Hydrate and Enhance Skin Tone with Certified Organic Rose Water

This delicate, certified organic floral water refreshes, soothes and calms the skin, enhances skin tone and uplifts the spirit with the enchanting aroma of roses.

On a cleansed, fresh face, gently mist with Perfect Potion’s Certified Organic Rose Water to soften and hydrate your skin.

Breathe deeply, and inhale the heavenly aroma of roses: letting the scent fill you with feelings of love and euphoria.

Remind yourself that you are just as worthy of love and admiration as the beloved rose.

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Replenish and Rejuvenate with the 500 Roses Elixir

This luxurious and lightweight golden elixir rejuvenates the skin with a divine synergy of rose otto pure essential oil, nourishing omega 3-6-7-9 fatty acids, and nutritive botanical antioxidants found in carrot seed, rosehip, argan, macadamia, and jojoba oils. More than 500 roses were harvested to create this bottle of luxurious facial elixir, which uplifts the heart and nurtures radiant, petal-soft skin.

Take a deep breath and allow the sublime aroma of rose otto to fill your heart with love, as you gently massage your face with five precious drops of Perfect Potion’s 500 Roses Facial Elixir.

Feel the velvety elixir soak your skin with nutrients as you caress your face using upward motions. Allow the sensuality of touch to imbue your skin with self-love and enchantment.

Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and deeply inhale the heavenly aroma, while mindfully and slowly pressing this healing elixir into your skin.

Gaze into your reflection and reaffirm your intention of self-love; admiring all the beautiful qualities that you possess. Gently remind yourself that you are worthy of self-compassion and that self-love is our birthright, especially if you struggle to find and admit qualities you are proud of. Take the time to find at least one thing you love about yourself, then gently increase it to three, and over time your self-kindness will blossom as you find gratitude and love for your entire being.

Internally or aloud, affirm to yourself that you are radiant and beautiful and worthy of all your heart’s desires - then step out with your beautiful, glowing skin to manifest them.

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To enhance your ritual...

This Rose Beauty Ritual was created with simplicity in mind, to seamlessly integrate mindful beauty practices into your daily ritual.

However, if you’d like to elevate this ritual further, here is some inspiration:

Create a romantic ambiance by decorating your space and consecrating it for the sacred purpose of self-love. Adorn this beauty altar with rose quartz, flowers and candles; play music that fills you with love; and diffuse an essential oil blend that makes your heart smile. Write a letter of love to yourself and place it on your mirror. Designing a beautiful space inspires the imagination and allows you to drop into an elevated psychospiritual state.

Begin the ritual with one of our cleansers, and visualise washing away negative energy as you wash away impurities, leaving you cleansed in body, mind and spirit.

Seal the ritual with one of our moisturisers to seal in the nutrients, hydration and beautiful energy, and protect your skin and your aura from pollution.

Create a full body beauty ritual with our Rose Collection, to truly embody the beauty of the rose in body, mind and spirit.

Close the ritual with a positive, love-infused affirmation.