5 Steps to Balanced Chakras

5 Steps to Balanced Chakras | Essential Oils | Perfect Potion

Health is often equated with eating well, meditation and exercise, but have you ever considered the health of your subtle body?

Ancient esoterics have long said it, and now quantum physicists agree. You are made of energy. Everything around you is made of energy. This subtle energy might express itself as a desk, diffuser or human being, but nonetheless, it is all subtle, vibrating energy. According to energy healing expert, Barbara Ann Brennan, subtle energy is what underpins and informs our physical body. It is a matrix for cellular growth. It is what is there before your cells develop. So if you want true, holistic wellness, you need a healthy template! This is where subtle energy healing modalities like chakra healing and aromatherapy can be helpful. Read on to discover your chakra balancing ritual.

Your Chakra Balancing Ritual

This ritual will balance your chakras and reconnect you to your individual resonance. Regular me-time cements an inner foundation that will support you in your day to day life.

What you will need:

The Steps

1. Set the scene

Gather all you need from the list above. Remember, this is your time and you want to make the most of it. Look at how you can enhance the atmosphere to make it conducive to total bliss. Play soothing music, switch on your aromatherapy diffuser and be sure to grab some cushions and blankets. Lay the relevant crystals (see chart below), essential oils and chakra balancing potions near where you will be sitting for your ritual.



2. Create your intention

Get clear on your intention for this ritual. What do you want to achieve? How would you like to feel? Try an affirmation, prayer or incantation. Think of it as plugging a destination into your GPS. It will make your journey smoother and more seamless. Spritz Chakra Balancing Mist around your space whilst repeating your chosen intention.



3. Centre Yourself

Find a comfortable seated position, supported by the comfort of cushions and blankets. Take a pea-sized amount of Chakra Balancing Balm. Massage it rhythmically into your temples, shoulders and behind your ears. Feel tension melting. Breathe slowly and easily. Eyes closed. Now imagine a vacuum energy moving its way around your body absorbing all energies that no longer serve you. Once complete, see a luminescent white light entering through the crown of your head. Watch as this healing white light floods your entire body until you are completely immersed. Bathe in this healing light as long as needed until moving onto the next step.



4. Cleanse and Charge Your Chakras

Hold your base chakra crystal in your left hand and Balance Blend (cap off) in your right hand. Hold it under your nose so that you can smell the aroma. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and easily. Soften and relax your body. Visualise a glowing red gem at the location of your base chakra spinning in an anticlockwise direction. The spinning draws out any dark spots or heaviness. Continue visualising the slow spinning until you feel your chakra is completely clear. Now to charge your base chakra, imagine breathing in the colour red from the tips of your toes up to the crown of your head. Let it fill your entire body and expand out until your entire being is cocooned in an aura of vibrant red light. Repeat the affirmation "I am grounded" silently. Bathe in the red light as long as you need. Move through this process for each chakra using the relevant chakra location, colour, crystal, affirmation and aromatherapy blend for each.



5. Purify body, mind and spirit

To complete the ritual, cleanse body, mind, heart and soul with our Chakra Balancing Bath Soak. Luxuriate in the divine aromas as 25 harmonising essential oils and feel your energy being purified for a brilliant and radiant aura. Enjoy this blissful ritual and emerge cleansed, purified and aligned in body, mind and spirit.





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