Sals Masterclass

Aromatherapy Blending Masterclass

Time 10am to 4.30pm
Dates Saturday 6 Apr 2019
Location Adelaide (venue TBA)
Your investment $150
Early bird booking by 30 Mar 2019 only $125. Enter code BLENDMASTER25 at checkout to redeem.

In this one-day aromatherapy blending masterclass you will learn:

  • The art of smelling – I introduce you to the Spirit of Koh do (how to listen to scent) and we learn how to classify essential oils according to their odour family, type and characteristics.
  • The oils – You will be introduced to some exquisite, rare and exotic oils (such as benzoin, boronia absolute, champaca absolute, galbanum and many more). You will have the opportunity to use these oils when we create our perfume blend.
  • Therapeutic blending techniques – We examine a range of therapeutic blending strategies based on pharmacological principles, psychotherapeutic principles, personality profiling and vitalistic energetic approaches. We will learn about Individual Prescription developed by Marguerite Maury.
  • Practical aromatherapeutic blending – I introduce you to the concept of synergy when blending and we learn how to select the most appropriate base for your blend. We will create our own aromatherapeutic blend.
  • How to create a perfume – Learn how to create a perfectly structured perfume using the principles of top, middle and base notes. We will create our own signature perfume.

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Aromatherapy and Chakra Healing Masterclass

Time 10am to 4.30pm
Dates Saturday 18 May 2019
Location Canberra (venue TBA)
Your investment $150
Early bird booking by 3 May 2019 only $125. Enter code AROMACHAKRA25 at checkout to redeem.

In this one-day aromatherapy and chakra healing masterclass you will learn

  • Examine the origins of the chakras and how the Western chakra system developed from its roots in Indian Tantra.
  • Examine the relationship with the World Health Organisation Happiness Report and the chakras.
  • Learn how to use yoga and meditation to harmonise your chakras.
  • Examine the electro-physiological evidence for the existence of chakras using GDV.
  • Discuss the influence of essential oils on our subtle energy.
  • Examine how to improve our health and wellbeing through an awareness of the chakras.
  • Learn how to blend essential oils intuitively to help balance our chakras and subtle energies.
  • Create your own chakra healing blend at the end of the day.

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Making Sense of People with Aromatherapy Masterclass

Time 10am to 4.30pm
Sydney: Sat 25 May 2019
Brisbane: Sat 15 June 2019
Location Exact venues TBA
Your investment $150
Early bird booking by 17 May 2019 only $125. Enter code PERSONALITY25 at checkout to redeem

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • Traditional theories of personality types – We examine traditional theories of personality according Ayurveda and the five elements. We trace the history of personality science and examine the validity of personality testing. We will discuss the various personality traits defined by the Big Five traits and the personality preferences described by Carl Jung and further developed by Myers and Briggs. From this, we will examine how an understanding of personality types can help us to use essential oils in a more holistic way.
  • The relationship between personality types and health – We examine the relationship between personality and wellbeing.
  • The relationship between smell and personality types – Learn aroma profiling according to the personality types developed by Myers and Briggs.
  • The personality profiles of commonly used essential oils – We profile the personality types of thirty of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy.
  • Create an aromatherapy blend to match your personality – You will identify your personality type by completing a range of simple questionnaires and create an aromatherapy blend to match.

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Advanced Aromatherapy and Five Elements Masterclass

Time 10am to 4.30pm
Date Saturday 1 June 2019
Location Brunswick Street Perfect Potion Shop, Melbourne
Your investment $150
Early bird booking by 17 May 2019 only $125. Enter code FIVEELEMENTS25 at checkout to redeem

In this one-day advanced masterclass you will learn:

  • Advanced concepts of TCM pathology – I introduce you to the fundamental concepts that are often the cause of TCM pathologies such as imbalances of the six pernicious influences and the seven emotions. We discuss the how all health related conditions can be described according to the eight principle patterns of disharmony and how essential oils plays a very important role in balancing them.
  • Develop strategies to balance disharmonies – We describe anxiety, depression, pain, headaches and insomnia in terms of TCM disharmonies and then identify the most effective acupressure points and aromatherapy treatment to balance these disharmonies.
  • The spiritual dimension of the Five Elements – Wxplore the spiritual dimension of the Five Elements and how disharmony associated with the spiritual aspects of the Five Elements can contribute to emotional and physical disorders. We discuss how aromatherapy can be used to for balancing any disharmonies associated with the Shen (mind), Yi (intellect), Po (corporeal soul), Zhi (will power) and the Hun (ethereal soul).
  • At the end of this masterclass you will put your blending skills to practice by making your own aromatherapy blend based on the concepts you have learned on the day.

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