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We are excited to announce...

Sal's LIVE Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass

Missed out on a ticket to Sal's Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass in Brisbane?

Now you can attend from the comfort of your own home by viewing the Masterclass via LIVE Zoom Webinar. Limited numbers available.


Dear Friends,

Now more than ever, we need to address many of the challenges associated with mental health that are being created as a result of COVID-19. I believe those of us involved in aromatherapy have the means through essential oils to provide psychosocial support to our communities. I further assert the efficacy of essential oils on the psyche is enhanced when we integrate aromatherapy with the framework of chakras as bio-socio-psycho-spiritual model of consciousness.

Due to social distancing requirements, we have had to limit the number of attendees at our face-to-face Aromatherapy and Chakra Masterclass being held in Brisbane on the 22nd of August. However, we have a solution so that wherever you are in Australia or around the world, you will be able to watch the event via Zoom.

Yes, it is about time, I will be running regular webinars going forward. The first of the webinars, Aromatherapy and Mental Health, will coincide with International Mental Health Week in early October and will focus on a holistic approach to managing mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, using essential oils.

I have also been busy working on The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Volume III – Subtle and Psyche. I would love to give you a sneak preview of this book, which will be launched in May 2021. The topic of my final webinar for 2020 in early November will be Re-shamanising Aromatherapy, which is also the title of the first chapter of this book. These events will be 2 hours and will allow time for questions at the end.

I hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Best wishes,