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Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass | $49.95

3 hour Masterclass plus notes. Recorded on Saturday 22nd August 2020.
Includes 3 months access.

Balancing your body’s energy centres for optimal health and wellbeing, Salvatore demystifies the origins of the chakras. He shares with you his journey into the chakras and his interpretation of how we can reconnect our body, mind and spirit. 

Sal examines the relationship between scent and the chakras, and investigates new science that establishes a scientific basis for the existence of chakras. We will also look at why the future of medicine is energy based and learn the true history of chakras. 

It also examines how chakras can provide us with a holistic framework for understanding human consciousness and explore a holistic framework for using essential oils to balance the chakras.


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Organic Aromatherapy Oils | Perfect Potion