Spruce, Black Pure Essential Oil
Spruce, Black Pure Essential Oil

Spruce, Black Pure Essential Oil

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The fresh scent of black spruce promotes the communication of inner feelings and brings objectivity and clarity to the intuitive mind.

100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free
Cruelty Free
Australian Made
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced

Botanical name: Picea mariana
Country of Origin: Canada
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Aroma Profile: A pale-yellow to colourless oil with a very pleasant, balsamic-fresh aroma.
Uses: Helps to promote feelings of well-being. Use to promote the benefits of forest bathing. A wonderful deodoriser and room freshener.
Subtle: The scent of black spruce oil evokes strength and endurance at the level of the soul. It is centering, strengthening, and energising and helps us find the inner strength whenever we need to face challenging situations.
Chakra: solar plexus chakra
Skin care: Not commonly used in skincare.

Cautions: Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising.