Chakra Balancing Diffuser Gift Set
Chakra Balancing Diffuser Gift Set
Chakra Balancing Diffuser Gift Set

Chakra Balancing Diffuser Gift Set

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Gohan Diffuser Colour:White
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Find balance and harmony each day with this nurturing set of Chakra oils and elegant white Gohan aromatherapy diffuser.

White Gohan diffuser + Chakra Oils kit

100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free

Chakra Essential Oil Blends Kit includes:

Balance Chakra Blend - a synergy of grounding, strengthening essential oils including black pepper, vetiver, sweet orange, patchouli and Atlas cedarwood, with pure lavender for calm.

Allure Chakra Blend - deeply sensual blend featuring jasmine absolute, mandarin, sandalwood, cardamom, ylang ylang and patchouli pure essential oils.

Harmony Chakra Blend - empower and build confidence, with a protective, strengthening blend of vetiver, juniper berry, lemon, frankincense, Roman chamomile and aniseed pure essential oils.

Compassion Chakra Blend - full of pure essential oils to help expand your heart centre, a synergy of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, may chang, rose absolute, and neroli pure essential oils.

Expressive Chakra Blend - a calming blend of German chamomile, sandalwood, basil and sweet orange pure essential oils.

Insight Chakra Blend - open your third eye and help you understand spiritual truths, with a synergy of clary sage, fragonia, lavender, rosemary, sage, and bergamot.

Cosmic Chakra Blend - see the divine within and without using an aromatic symphony of lavender, frankincense, East Indian sandalwood and cold pressed lime.