Aromatherapy and Stoicism Mini Masterclass

Aromatherapy and Stoicism Mini Masterclass

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Presented by Salvatore Battaglia

Release Date: Wednesday 20th September 2023

We examine why aromatherapy has so much in common with Stoicism. We explore the philosophy underpinning Stoicism and how the principles of Stoicism help support mental health. We investigate how essential oils help us maintain a state of ataraxia.

This is such a beautiful word that is rarely used nowadays, referring to a state of inner calm and emotional homeostasis which is characterised by ongoing freedom from distress and worry. We end the mini masterclass by creating some blends to help us be more stoic in our approach to life.

Mini masterclasses will be released via the Perfect Potion education platform, and can be accessed for one year to view after release date. Each mini masterclass consists of a 1 hour video and notes.

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