Fragonia Oil 10mL

The soft delicate camphoraceous scent of fragonia essential oil evokes a sense of calm and harmony. It promotes a space in which we feel physically revitalised, emotional safe and spiritually nurtured.

Read Fragonia monograph by Salvatore Battaglia here.

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Fragonia oil has a soft, clean, refreshing and delicate camphoraceous aroma with a hint of a citrus note and a sweet balsamic undertone.

Batch number:

Botanical Name:
Agonis fragrans

Country of origin:

Method of extraction:
Fragonia oil is produced by steam distillation from A. fragrans.

α-pinene (21-27%), β-pinene (1.5-1.7%), myrcene (1.4-2.2%), limonene (2.4-2.5%), ɤ-terpinene (1.3-3.3%), p-cymene (2.2-2.9%), 1,8-cineole (29-32.5%), linalool (11.7-12.4%), terpinen-4-ol (3.7-4.3%), α -terpineol (5.4-7.6%), myrtenol (3.1-4.5%), geraniol (0.5-1.2%).

Add 5-7 drops to your Perfect Potion diffuser, combine with other pure essential oils to make your own blend, or add 5 drops to every 10ml of pure vegetable oil to use as a massage oil.

agonis fragrans (fragonia) oil

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