What is the difference between natural and organic?

“Natural” means that the ingredients are plant derived. “Organic” means that the ingredients are derived from plants that have been cultivated without the use of fertilisers or synthetic pesticides.

All Perfect Potion cosmetic products are certified natural with COSMOS Natural and many are certified organic with COSMOS Organic. Organic, non-cosmetic products are certified organic with ACO.

I thought that only food could be certified organic. How is it possible for cosmetics to be certified organic?

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier of organic and biodynamic produce in Australia. While most organic certification associations were set up to certify food, the demand for quality organic products has seen strict standards extended to the production of processed organic products other than food, giving rise to the international standard, COSMOS.

The same standards that apply to food apply to the cultivation of certified organic raw materials for cosmetics and for the final products. For a cosmetic product to be “certified organic” and to have the COSMOS Organic logo, it is required to have a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients.

Why is organic better?

Organic products and products containing organic ingredients are better than non-organic equivalents as they are grown naturally, the way nature intended. Organic farming means the plants are grown naturally and in harmony with nature. This equates to rich, healthy, nutritious soil, which in turn encourages healthy vibrant plants, and from these plants, farmers are able to obtain the purest and finest certified organic materials.

Many cosmetic companies claim their products are organic. What makes Perfect Potion so special?

The only way to be sure you are purchasing genuine organic products is to look for the ACO and COSMOS Organic certification logos. When you see a certification number and logo, you know there is a seamless chain of information following every step in the life of that product – from the farm to you. Organic certification bodies have strict regulations and rigorous site audits to ensure we are supplying quality certified organic ingredients at all times. ACO and COSMOS also maintain conformance with leading organic standards across the world.

What is the difference between certified natural products and all the other cosmetic products that claim to be natural?

Until recently there has never been a standard for defining natural cosmetics. Many products marketed as “natural” often contain one or two naturally derived ingredients, and on the basis of this, the product is promoted as natural. The reality is that the product is nothing more than a cocktail of synthetic and petrochemical ingredients with one or two natural ingredients.

At Perfect Potion we are passionate about the integrity of the natural preparations we make. Therefore, we decided it was important for us to obtain “certified natural” status for our products.

We first certified our products through the international standard BDIH, which offered the most comprehensive standard for genuine natural cosmetic products. Today our products are certified with COSMOS Natural, which was formed by ACO, and several other international certifying bodies.

Only products that bear the COSMOS Natural seal can be assured to be genuinely natural cosmetics.

Not all Perfect Potion products are certified natural – why is this?

Perfect Potion has an extensive range of natural products such as pure essential oils, herbal teas, body and skin care preparations, aromatherapy perfumes and DIY products. The COSMOS Natural certification only applies to cosmetic products. As such, all Perfect Potion cosmetics are certified natural with COSMOS Natural.

Why should I use Perfect Potion?

The skin care products you use are a personal choice. Perfect Potion skin care preparations have been developed with a commitment to promote wellbeing and to respect the environment and all its inhabitants.

Perfect Potion’s certified natural skin care preparations utilise only pure plant extracts and certified organic essential oils. Not only are Perfect Potion products better for your wellbeing, they are better for the environment and are certified with Choose Cruelty Free, guaranteeing they have never tested on animals.

Are the products safe if I’m pregnant?

The safe use of essential oils is our number one concern. Many essential oils are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and as such, we strongly recommend familiarising yourself with this list if you choose to continue to use essential oils during your pregnancy.

It is very important to understand essential oil dilutions during pregnancy as well as for bub after birth, and beyond. For a comprehensive guide on the use of essential oils and the list of contraindicated oils, please review these articles: Pregnancy, Babies and Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy for Babies.

Can I ingest your essential oils? Are your essential oils food/therapeutic grade?

Many companies will claim to sell you therapeutic or food grade oils and show you a certification of this. It is important to do you research and understand what you are buying. There is no international certifiying association that certifies essential oils as “certified therapeutic grade”. That said, if you choose to look for therapeutic oils, a benchmark would be the TGA, which sets guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry, rather than for plant-based medicines.

If you choose to ingest essential oils, Perfect Potion very strongly believes the person recommending the oral use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes should be suitably qualified. As such, first establish whether they have suitable training in physiology, pharmacology and aromatherapy chemistry as well as have a minimum level diploma qualification in aromatic medicine or a medical herbalism diploma.

Perfect Potion and its staff will not recommend or encourage the ingestion of essential oils. For further information, please read Sal’s article: Ingestion and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

What is the shelf life of the products?

A product’s shelf life is clearly indicated on the bottle purchased. Please check the label for expiry date as well as “best after opening” image.

Should you have any questions regarding the expiry, batch number, or shelf life of your product, please contact Customer Service.