Why you need sandalwood in your skincare routine

Why you need sandalwood in your skincare routine

Introducing our Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir.

Learn about the skin-regenerating, anti-aging and protective skincare properties of ethereal and divine Santalum Album pure essential oil - the star ingredient in this silky, certified organic, vegan facial elixir.

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Distilled from the heartwood of the sandalwood tree, precious Santalum album essential oil is the heart of Perfect Potion’s Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir.

Santalum album essential oil protects your skin against oxidative stress with its potent antioxidant properties while calming and rejuvenating the skin. 

Why Sandalwood?

The Santalum album essential oil that has been carefully formulated into Perfect Potion’s Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir has proven antioxidant1 and anti-inflammatory2 properties guarding your skin against oxidative stress and the adverse effects of environmental exposure. A recent clinical study 3 conducted on healthy volunteers confirms its capacity to protect the skin against exposure to blue light and pollutants.

Prolonged and repetitive exposure to pollution4 induces oxidative stress in the skin and can elicit or exacerbate premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne and disruption to the skin barrier while blue light3 from the sun or digital screens has also been shown to increase oxidation levels.

This is why precious sandalwood is a must-have in skincare, and why we've created our Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir.

Introducing our
NEW Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir


100% VEGAN




SKIN TYPE: Sensitive, normal to dry, and mature


Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir provides an effective shield slowing down environmental damage to and premature aging of the skin, making it feel comfortable, smooth and calm.

Sandalwood is the star of this luxurious, silky facial oil, and is combined with several potent botanical actives to further enhance the skin-beautifying properties of this skincare elixir.

Moisture levels are boosted with oils rich in omega fatty acids; including rosehip, avocado and macadamia oils; to support the skin barrier and promote bouncy, supple and healthy skin. Carrot root extract and tocopherol supply the skin with beta-carotene and vitamin E for glowing, radiant skin.

As you smooth on this precious elixir you will experience the beautiful, delicate, ethereal, sweet, warm, and woody aroma of Santalum album – revered in aromatherapy for its ability to restore us to our balance and help connect us with our soul.

We hope you enjoy the nurturing benefits Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir provides your skin and soul.





How to Use Your Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir

Start with a freshly cleansed face.

Wash and cleanse your face with your favourite Perfect Potion cleanser.

Our Recommendations: Purify Cleansing Gel for combination-oily skin, Soothe Cleansing Gel for sensitive skin, Replenish Cleansing Milk for dry and mature skin.

Sandalwood pairing:

1-3 times per week, use our Bare Faced Facial Exfoliant. With rich clays and Australian sandalwood pure essential oil, this is the perfect purifying exfoliator and face mask to add to your sandalwood skincare routine.

Prep your skin with a hydrating mist.

Spritz your face with facial mist for added hydration. This not only keeps skin extra-hydrated beneath the face oil, but also helps the Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir glide over the skin, allowing the product to go further so you use less.

Our Recommendations: Certified Organic Rose Water for petal-soft hydration or Replenish Hydration Solution for extra Vitamin C, antioxidant and phytoactive benefits.

Indulge in a luxurious facial massage with your silky sandalwood face oil.

Apply 5 drops of Divine Sandalwood Facial Elixir to your freshly cleansed and misted face, neck, and décolletage. Gently massage and press this silky face oil into your skin; letting your senses fill with the divine scent of sandalwood.

Lock in the nutrient-rich beauty oil with a moisturiser.

If your skin is especially dry, follow with a moisturiser such as Replenish Ultra-rich Moisture Cream (for very dry and mature skin), Skin Elixir Nourishing Cream (for dry and mature skin), Hydration Therapy Moisture Cream (for normal-combination and sensitive, dehydrated skin), or Soothe Moisture Cream (for sensitive skin).

Sandalwood pairing:

While we always encourage choosing your skincare based on your unique skincare needs, we recommend our light-weight Hydration Therapy Moisture Cream as a perfect pairing for your sandalwood skincare routine; featuring antioxidant-rich santalum album as the star ingredient for dewy, quenched, healthy and hydrated skin.








Our Santalum album pure essential oil has been sustainably sourced from plantations grown in the north of Western Australia. For further information regarding the sustainability of sandalwood, read the blog by Salvatore Battaglia: How Australia is creating a long-term sustainable future for one of the world’s most precious essential oils – sandalwood.5 



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