Why we've been confirmed as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner

Why we've been confirmed as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner

Essential oil alchemy is a fun, simple way to practice self-care and creativity. Fortunately, there are many beautiful ways to use essential oils to transform your home into a sanctuary and improve your general wellbeing. 
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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.

Our ethos and values have always been connected to living harmoniously with nature and treading gently on the planet. As an innately eco-conscious company, we are overjoyed to have been confirmed as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner!

Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we have held strong to our vision of creating the most sought after experience in the world for our customers, our purpose of naturally enhancing people’s lives and our core values of treading gently on the earth, loving the world we live in and thriving on enriching it, nurturing and inspiring, delivering with consistency, certainty and quality, loving what we do and having integrity in all that we are.

These values underpin every product we make and every action we take. We have used recyclable materials and natural building elements since the earliest of days (our first Perfect Potion sanctuary was actually composed of recycled kitchen cabinets!). But, in recent years, we have been on an unwavering mission to deepen our commitment to sustainability. We have created a company head office that is truly aligned with our core, nature-loving ethos and the values that shine so brightly in our stores and products. To make our footprint smaller, we made big changes. In two years, we reduced our energy consumption by 53.2%, water intensity by 74.89% and waste to landfill by 65.6%!

This transition was made far more seamless with the support of the Brisbane City Council and CCIQ ecoBiz team. We began implementing an energy neutral strategy, meaning we are harvesting energy from nature to power all our head office operations including our manufacturing facilities, and we’re often supplying more energy back into the grid! We’ve started composting, installed energy efficient lighting and 294 solar panels to completely power our office and feed energy back into the grid, among other exciting measures.

In the last 12 months, we’ve also been working hard on new sustainable packaging innovations and reformulations that help reduce waste and are even more environmentally friendly! We are essentially overhauling the packaging of our entire range and are thrilled to be making this very important shift away from plastic.

It is our 2019 goal to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging, through our conversion to post-consumer waste plastic packaging, glass, and aluminium. You may have already seen some of these changes rolling out, and there will be many more exciting changes appearing in the coming months.

By truly embracing sustainable innovation and seeking out creative solutions, we have been able to further implement our values to help look after our oceans, animals and the planet as a whole while creating natural products that support your wellbeing.

Even small changes can make a big difference and we couldn’t be happier about our contributions to this beautiful planet.