Why Sal Loves Working with Rose

Why Sal Loves Working with Rose

I find Rose essential oil so alluring and can feel its divine presence. I often feel the need to showcase rose - meaning that it often forms the heart and soul of the blend of many of our products.

"I love working with rose, I find it so alluring and can feel it’s divine presence. I often feel the need to showcase rose - meaning that it often forms the heart and soul of the blend.


The most beautiful Perfect Potion embodiment of rose is Elixir of the Heart perfume in which I have blended rose otto together with rose absolute.



In Mother Earth, I have taken advantage of rose’s vibrant, passionate nature and wrapped rose with rich earthy scents of patchouli and vetiver. On the other hand, in Taurus it adds elegance because rose embodies the character traits of Taurus!

On the other hand, the gentle nurturing and comforting nature of rose has been exploited in blends such as Hug Time, in the heart charka blend Compassion or Soul Comfort.

I have captured the enthusiastic, fun and playful aspects of rose in the beautiful Celebration blend which include some very interesting oils such as aniseed, lemon myrtle and mandarin.



Rose is in both our Green Goddess and Chakra Balancing range; here it has to share the lime light with many other divine floral oils such as neroli, jasmine and ylang ylang.  It is not surprising that these two blends are our most popular of all our blends. They are a complex composition of over twenty essential oils and smell so heavenly.




Rose adds grace to the beautiful Grace blend that I have just recently created as part of the Stoic collection. It does not overwhelm the blend, it elegantly compliments a beautiful medley of essential oils such as bergamot, frankincense, fragonia, melissa and neroli. This blend embodies all of the qualities one associated with the virtue of grace.



For a sneak preview we will soon be launching the most stunning blend that embodies the characteristics of the Dragon, one of the Chinese Zodiac signs. Rose is definitely one of the stars in the Dragon blend along with some vibrant oils such as black pepper, geranium, ginger, cardamom, ylang ylang and patchouli. More about this stunning blend very soon.


Rose is definitely the star in our classic perfumes such as Turkish Moon where it embodies a more sensual and passionate nature and Elixir of the Heart, rose otto and rose absolute have been blended together to embody the gentle spiritual nature of rose.



Rose otto is the heart and soul of so many of our skincare preparations. Not only does it make them smell divine, rose is ideal for all skincare, especially mature, dry or sensitive skin. The most classic of our skincare preparations with rose oil are 500 Roses Skin Elixir and Rose Dew Jelly Mask. You will also find rose in our ever so popular Replenish night balm, Replenish Cleansing Milk and Replenish Ultra Rich Moisture Cream 



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