Chakras, Energy, and Subtle (Vibrational) Aromatherapy

Chakras, Energy, and Subtle (Vibrational) Aromatherapy

Everything in this wonder-filled cosmos is made of vibrational energy. From atoms that form the device you’re reading this on; to the millions of molecules in your physical body; the world around you; and all the stars in the universe – it is all energy.
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Everything in this wonder-filled cosmos is made of vibrational energy.

From atoms that form the device you’re reading this on; to the millions of molecules in your physical body; the world around you; and all the stars in the universe – it is all energy. Subtle aromatherapy uses the vibrational, energetic quality of essential oils to influence our psyche and spiritual wellbeing, which allows us to self-heal. The vibrations of the body can go out of tune when we experience physical or emotional stress, and so energetic healing can be used to restore the body to a healthy, harmonic resonance.

Energy Healing & Chakras

One of the most powerful ways to harness and direct energy for healing is to understand and work with the energy centres within our bodies – chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘spinning wheel,’ and is a concept that originated more than 2,000 years ago in ancient traditional, esoteric Tantric practices of India; though much of our understanding of chakras today is a Western concept. It is believed that throughout our body, we have energy centres that are connected to body, mind and spirit: and these spinning wheels of energy are considered the centre of our life force – known as Prana in Sanskrit, Qi in Chinese medicine, or Ki in Japanese philosophy. There are various interpretations and more than one chakra system, but the most commonly accepted chakra system in the West includes seven chakras.

"In my past life, that is, my life before I discovered natural therapies, I studied electrical engineering. Therefore, the concept of energy, or Qi, was not foreign to me. As an engineer, the idea of using crystals to amplify energy was not some New Age concept; it was based on sound scientific principles. The idea of energy flowing through meridians (energy centres) made so much sense.”

– Salvatore Battaglia, from his book Aromatherapy and Chakras

Understanding how energy manifests within the body allows us to focus our energy healing where it needs it most, and we can do so by selecting essential oils and crystals that have a vibrational match to the chakra that is out of balance.  

Each of the seven chakras resonates on a different vibrational frequency, and this corresponds to the seven colours of the light spectrum. When they are balanced and aligned, everything sings in divine, harmonic resonance and we feel inspired, wise, full of gratitude and love, vibrant, and completely content in the universe.

However, when the chakras are out of alignment the body is in a state of discordant dis-ease, and depending on whether the chakra is overactive or underactive, it can bring about an emotional state of anxiousness, lethargy, despair, anger, stress, irritability, panic, despondence, and can even affect our physiological state too. Spiritually we feel discontent, lost, helpless, bitter and are generally unhappy within ourselves and our place in the world.

Aromatherapy can help rebalance the chakras and restore our prana - our ki, our life force- to its most radiant and resonant form by pacifying overactive chakras, or inspiriting underactive chakras.

If you visualise a rainbow, it’s at its most beautiful when it’s balanced and proportionate – too much or too little of one colour would be uncomfortable with an unsettling power dynamic. Each chakra has an equally important role to play, and so neglecting one in favour of another can lead to an imbalance. However, life is naturally full of ups and downs, which is why we can use subtle (vibrational) aromatherapy to counterbalance the chaos of the world around us.


Aromatherapy & Chakra Healing

Visualise the chakras as sites where we receive, absorb, and distribute life energies. Through external situations and internal habits, such as long-held physical tension and limiting self-concepts, a chakra can become either deficient or excessive and therefore imbalanced.

– Salvatore Battaglia, from his book Aromatherapy and Chakras

Chakra healing focuses on restoring balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. With introspection and self-awareness, we can begin to translate our life’s challenges symbolically and find meaning in them. We become conscious of where we are exerting our physical and emotional power, and where we feel as though we are lacking in it.

Look inward and reflect upon what traits and themes throughout your life are present. What feels like it’s domineering? For example, are you prone to excessively oversharing? This may signal an overactive throat chakra. Conversely, where do you feel as though you’re deficient? Using the same example, an underactive throat chakra may mean you feel as though you can’t speak up and express yourself fully.

Another point of consideration is where you feel like the free flow of energy is blocked. This could be internal, such as creative blockages or blockages in expression, or it can be external – such as areas in your life that you feel like you’re constantly hitting a wall. When it comes to chakra healing, you could translate those areas of struggle into a metaphor that relates to a chakra. For example, if you are always having something fall apart in your home, that could be symbolic of how you’re taking care of your body which is home to your soul – and this links to the base chakra.

Once you’ve identified the chakra you need to heal, you can use subtle aromatherapy to balance that energy.


Aromatherapy Rituals

The way you choose to use essential oils to balance the energy is not as important as the intent behind it. Intention is vital in subtle energy healing, and so infusing the intention of healing and spirituality into the process is as important as the selection of your oils.

You can choose to diffuse a particular essential oil or blend, or create an anointment.

Perhaps you’d prefer to create an aromatic mist, or to visit an aromatherapist for an aromatherapy massage treatment.

Always observe safe usage of essential oils in all of your rituals. You can learn more about these rituals in Sal’s Aromatherapy and Chakras book and masterclass.

You can also combine aromatherapy, chakra healing and yoga!  READ OUR YOGA BLOG HERE.



A Mini Guide to the Chakras
& the Perfect Potions to Balance Them

Each essential oil has its own vibrational frequency, and this resonance can attune to one of the frequencies of the chakras. Learning and understanding the different aromatherapy properties of essential oils can empower you to become a self-healer, and we have created a sublime range of perfectly attuned essential oil blends for this very reason.

Our Chakra Essential Oil Blend Kit was created as a tool to help balance your energy centres, and support your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The seven individual blends allow you to specifically address each chakra and heal any imbalances as they occur, and to support your journey of self-discovery.

The kit also includes the Practical Guide to Chakras and Aromatherapy booklet, which explores vibrational energy, subtle aromatherapy, the basics of chakras, how to use chakra essential oil blends, a self-exploration questionnaire to begin your self-healing journey, and other chakra balancing tips!

BASE CHAKRA Muladara – Balance Chakra Blend

Red | Garnet & Red Jasper | Drums
⁠Are you feeling grounded and secure?

Your base chakra (also known as root chakra or first chakra) is associated with lessons related to the material world, physical needs, and basic human survival. It's important to feel grounded and secure, because that's how we earth all our ideas in reality, and without balancing our base chakra, none of our dreams will take root.

Our Balance Chakra Blend is a synergy of grounding, strengthening, centering essential oils including: black pepper, vetiver, sweet orange, patchouli and Atlas cedarwood, with pure lavender for calm.

Use our Balance Chakra Blend if you need to feel more safe, secure, grounded, centred and strong. ⁠ ⁠



SACRAL CHAKRA Svadhisthana  Allure Chakra Blend

Orange | Carnelian & Topaz | Flowing Music
Do you need to unblock your creativity and sensuality?

⁠Your sacral chakra (also known as second chakra) is associated with sweetness, and lessons about pleasure, nurture, movement, creativity, and sexuality. It represents our creative energy, and leads us from basic existence to embracing the sweet things that make life worth living.⁠

Our Allure Chakra Blend is deeply sensual and warm in nature, featuring jasmine absolute, mandarin, sandalwood, cardamom, ylang ylang and patchouli pure essential oils.

Use Allure Chakra Blend if you need to embrace your self-worth and sensuality, unleash your creative potential, and feel in flow with life's sweet moments.



SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Manipura  Harmony Chakra Blend

Yellow | Citrine & Tiger's Eye | Chimes and Brass Music
Are you feeling confident and connected to others?

The solar plexus chakra (also known as third chakra) in Sanskrit means 'lustrous gem', and is associated with personal power, individuality, and celebrating your unique virtues while feeling connected to humanity. When you shine, you give permission for others to shine too! ⁠

Our Harmony Chakra Blend is empowering and helps build confidence, with a protective strengthening blend of vetiver, juniper berry, lemon, frankincense, Roman chamomile and aniseed pure essential oils.

Choose and diffuse this blend if you need a little more encouragement to value and believe in yourself!



HEART CHAKRA Anahata  Compassion Chakra Blend

Green | Emerald, Jade & Green Aventurine | Sounds of Nature
Do you need to forgive and open up to love?

⁠The heart chakra (the fourth chakra) is concerned with forgiveness, empathy, emotional development, and unconditional love. Once we forgive others for doing their best, we allow ourselves to accept and love ourselves for doing the same.

Our Compassion Chakra Blend is full of pure essential oils that embody a gentle yet radiantly loving energy to help expand your heart centre. It's a synergy of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, may chang, rose absolute, and neroli pure essential oils.

Use Compassion Chakra Blend to open up your heart to gentle, forgiving, compassionate love.



THROAT CHAKRA Vishuddha  Expressive Chakra Blend

Blue | Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Blue Agate | Sounds of the Sea
⁠Are you speaking your truth?

The throat chakra (the fifth chakra) is all about communication, self-expression, and creativity. Reclaim the right to speak your highest truth and express yourself fully, and listen to and accept others when they do the same.

Our Expressive Chakra Blend is a calming blend of German chamomile, sandalwood, basil and sweet orange pure essential oils.

Use Expressive Chakra Blend to speak with honesty, meaning and from a place of serenity and calm.⁠



THIRD EYE CHAKRA Ajna  Insight Chakra Blend

Indigo | Amethyst | Classical Music⁠
⁠Are you listening to your intuition?

The third eye chakra (the sixth chakra) in Sanskrit is Ajna, which means 'to perceive,' and is linked physically to the pineal gland - which rests between our eyes. Where our physical eyes perceive the tangible, our third eye perceives the intangible and this intuitive, wise, introspective chakra is our connection to higher consciousness.⁠

Our Insight Chakra Blend is created with pure essential oils that open your third eye and help you understand spiritual truths, with a synergy of clary sage, fragonia, lavender, rosemary, sage, and bergamot.

Use Insight Chakra Blend to reconnect to your innate, intuitive wisdom.⁠



CROWN CHAKRA Sahasrara  Cosmic Chakra Blend

Violet | Amethyst, Tanzanite, Selenite | Silence
⁠Are you following your higher purpose?

⁠The crown chakra (the seventh chakra) in Sanskrit is Sahasrara, meaning 'thousandfold.' It's considered one of the highest vibrational centres in the subtle body; merging divine consciousness with our true nature. The crown chakra is about enlightenment, fulfilment and divine self.

⁠Our Cosmic Chakra Blend is created with pure essential oils that allow you to see the divine within and without. It's an aromatic symphony of lavender, frankincense, East Indian sandalwood and cold pressed lime.

Use Cosmic Chakra Blend to guide you on your journey of self-actualisation, and reconnect with the divine wisdom of your higher consciousness.



Chakra Balancing Collection

The potions in our Chakra Essential Oil Blend Kit are perfect for deep inner journeying and healing specific imbalances as well as enhancing different chakras that you’d like to nurture further. However, if you are simply seeking to find general harmony in body, mind and spirit, we’ve created a spiritually-elevating collection with energy-harmonising Chakra Balancing Blend.

Our divine Chakra Balancing Collection has been specially created with the intention of balancing and harmonising our chakras, featuring our beautiful, unique Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blend of 25 pure essential oils. With a captivating aroma that is at once elevating and grounding, this alluring blend includes frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, sweet orange, juniper, rose otto, pink lotus absolute, and many more perfectly harmonised pure essential oils.

Shop the Chakra Balancing collection



We hope this little guide helps you to find alignment, harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit.

This is a brief guide to using aromatherapy to balance the chakras. For comprehensive education in Aromatherapy for the Chakras, Sal has created a brilliant masterclass to help you on your aromatherapy and energy healing journey.

Read Our Chakra Guide

View Aromatherapy for Chakras by Salvatore Battaglia


Aromatherapy and Chakras explores the principles of subtle therapies and energy medicine. Salvatore examines the scientific evidence for the existence of chakras, and reviews the results of a study which confirms the relationship between the chakras and essential oils. He explores how modern Western psychology and transpersonal psychologists are using chakras to provide us with a more holistic framework of understanding human consciousness, and how it can be applied for self-healing.

Salvatore studies each of the major seven chakras in detail, analysing the influence each chakra has on our psyche and wellbeing and what to expect when the chakra is balanced or not balanced. Most importantly, he discusses strategies to keep the chakras balanced using essential oils, along with inspiration for blends.

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