Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

Join Sal as he sits down with Toniele and Jen, who share their inspiring stories of growth and success as female business owners.  Together they discuss how they are helping women find the strength to flourish and the difference their work has made to many women’s lives.
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For International Women’s Day, it is an honour to introduce you to two amazing individuals whom I met late last year while spending time in the shops. They are making a big contribution in helping people flourish and they are making a difference to women’s lives. I hope you take the time to listen to my conversation with Toniele Williams and Jen Hamilton. They embody all the qualities that the IWD organization promotes. I know you will find their stories and their work inspiring. #InspireInclusion

Meet Toniele



Toniele is the owner and managing director of TC Advisory Group Australia, a business she founded five years ago to support staff and leaders in community and social services. With over 14 years of experience in this sector, she has witnessed the struggles of children, young people and families and decided to take action. She is also a passionate leader and advocate for women in business, leadership and empowerment, having worked through many challenges herself of juggling long-term autoimmune health issues, working full time, whilst studying and running a business. Toniele is fascinated by holistic health and well-being and neuroscience, and supporting people to understand how our brain impacts our overall well-being, responses and reactions in all areas of life. She is happily married to hubby Joel of over 12 years and they have a very sweet labradoodle Oscar.

She discovered essential oils over 10 years ago when her mother fell ill with cancer and saw the possibility and holistic support they provided to compliment other treatments and therapies. She is a loyal Perfect Potion customer and can't wait to share with you her favourite products and oils and how they help her focus, sleep and stay energised in her very full life!

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Meet Jen


Jen Hamilton is a conscious-life coach, hypnotherapist, women’s empowerment mentor, podcast host and as of next week, a published author. For the past several years, she has been helping big hearted women embody their divine feminine energy and discover a new way of living; one that re-awakens their heart and inner wisdom, clears out fear, empowers them to live fearlessly and confidently, believe in themselves and become magnetic to the life and relationships they desire. Jen hosts a podcast called ‘enLIFEned - The enlightened journey of life’ and is the co-author of a book called ‘Wild Eros - The Power of Pleasure’ being released on the 15th of March 2024. Additionally, Jen is powerhouse woman on a mission, she’s a business owner and mum of 2 beautiful children.

Upcoming events can be found on the events page of her website.

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If you are interested in reading more about International Women's Day you can find more information here: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/