An Interview with Self-Transformation Facilitator and Author, Kylie Attwell

An Interview with Self-Transformation Facilitator and Author, Kylie Attwell

Introducing Kylie Attwell: content curator and facilitator for self-transformation. We sat down with her to talk about the fascinating work she does with the Bio-well GDV camera, as well as her thought-provoking and inspiring Build a Life You Love workbook series.
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Introducing Kylie Attwell: author, content curator and facilitator for self-transformation. We sat down with her to talk about the fascinating work she does with the Bio-well GDV camera, as well as her thought-provoking and inspiring Build a Life You Love workbook series.

Perfect Potion (PP): How did you get into doing energy assessments using a gas discharge visualisation (GDV) camera?

Kylie Attwell (KA): I first learnt about the Bio-Well GDV camera when attending one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshops in 2015.  Joe is an international lecturer and researcher, and at this event he was accompanied by a team of USA scientists to study the effects his meditations have on the body and environment.  They used electroencephalography (EEG) to measure changes in brainwave patterns, heart rate variability (HRV) devices to determine levels of heart-brain coherence, and the GDV camera to record differences in energy field, the size and alignment of chakras (pictured) and changes in the room environment before, during and after the workshop. Perfect Potion | aromatherapy Diffusers | Essential Oils

I was fortunate to have my brain mapped and heart-brain coherence measured during the workshop and was impressed with the personal consultations I had with both the neuroscientist and clinician who interpreted and explained my results.  At the next possible chance I invested in a Bio-Well Energy Assessment as I was curious to learn about my energy signature.

The nerdy scientist, ex-radiographer in me wanted to be able to track my clients’ progress using quantitative data so both they and I had tangible proof that the changes they were making internally and externally were indeed real and not just in their minds.

I purchased the GDV camera and underwent training with Russian Physicist, Professor Konstantin Korotkov, who developed the technology.  I also use HeartMath HRV equipment to measure the level of heart-brain coherence clients can achieve. In the future I plan to offer brain mapping as a service.

PP: What’s involved in getting an energy assessment, and how can people benefit from it?

KA: An energy assessment involves having all ten fingertips scanned multiple times, to determine your psycho-emotional and physical state, pre and post exercise.  This painless and non-invasive process provides real-time analysis and visual representation of:

  • the quality of your energy field
  • your stress and energy levels
  • the state of your organs and systems
  • the size and alignment of your chakras

It can also determine*:

    • the best modalities to improve your wellbeing
    • your sensitivity to different food types
    • supplements most nutritional for your body
    • the effect of electromagnetic fields on your body, for example your mobile phone

*Additional scanning is required to determine these factors, and is not part of my standard Energy Assessment.

PP: Do you need to be spiritual to benefit from an energy assessment?

KA: An energy assessment will provide the above benefits regardless of your spirituality.

PP: How is the work you do with energy assessments related to your Build a Life You Love workbook series?

KA: Understanding the quality of your unique energy signature, along with the factors that influence it, both positively and negatively, is important if you wish to change the printout of your life. 

In turn, your state of being and your energy field is dependent on your predominant thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the actions you take, and this is exactly where The Build a Life You Love workbook series comes into play.  This series of seven workbooks is designed specifically to improve these factors through the use of mindfulness, emotional release and belief change processes, and methods for aligning your lifestyle with who you are at your core.

Improvements in your energy field and stability in chakra alignment is quantitative evidence that the work you are doing is effective.  I’ve found that when clients have trust and faith in the process it results in swifter progress and larger paradigm shifts in their day-to-day reality.

PP: We loved your first workbook Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life (pictured) because you highlight the importance of following your purpose rather than your passion... What’s the difference between the two?

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KA: Both passion and purpose have a place in our life.  But it can be easy to confuse a passion for your purpose.  Most people know what they are passionate about (in my case - horse riding, beautiful architecture and working with my hands), but few are aware of their purpose.  Fewer still are aware that you can have many passions in life, but only one purpose.

Passions are tangible things that you thoroughly enjoy doing because they give you immense pleasure.  They are what bring joy to your life and help to create a work-life balance, but they are mostly self-serving.

Your purpose, on the other hand, involves being of service to others by providing solutions to their problems and adding real value to their life. It’s this act of serving others that gives your life meaning and fulfilment. The aim of this workbook is to help you determine where and how you can be of service to others.

PP: There is so much available to us in terms of career choice these days. What can we personally do to hone in on our unique gifts and find our true purpose?

KA: Essentially you need to create an intimate relationship with yourself as the information is already inside of you.  The key to finding your purpose is in knowing exactly what questions to ask yourself and where to look.  The evidence of your unique gifts, talents and attributes is woven all throughout your life story and experiences.

The workbook Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life contains 25 thought-provoking questions to help you establish:

  • your skills and talents
  • what you value most in life
  • the type of person you desire to be
  • the fields and activities which inspire you most
  • where and how you are already innately displaying the qualities of your life’s purpose without being consciously aware of it.

PP: In your book, you said you received the advice to “follow your bliss”. How helpful do you think this advice is?

KA: Bliss, passion and happiness, along with joy, fulfilment and meaningfulness, are all adjectives I’ve used to describe the experience of living my purpose.

I highly recommend following your bliss, however I do not recommended building a business or career around it.  I learnt this the hard way.  I spent more than six years chasing one of my passions and it cost me dearly - both emotionally and financially.  I’ve since built a thriving business centred around my life’s calling and I can assure you there is a vast difference between a passion or bliss-centred business versus one that is purpose aligned.

PP: One of the activities in the book refers to receiving an astrology reading as a tool for finding purpose, while the others refer to answering questions and identifying reoccurring themes and patterns in our life. What would you say is the ratio of spirituality and logic required for finding our purpose?

KA: My workbook is designed to give you both a subjective and objective approach for identifying your life’s calling and the ratio is highly dependent on individual needs and beliefs.

The 25 questions in Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life guide you to find the answers within…where the astrological consultation gives you an objective opinion from someone who specialises in helping people understand their soul’s purpose and what they are here to teach others this lifetime.

It’s this combination of the two approaches that helps you to really own your purpose and gives you the confidence to go out and live it.

PP: You describe yourself as a content curator. What does a curator do? How does this differ from a content creator?

KA: A curator selects, organises and presents content (artwork, online media, information, etc) to share with others.  A creator brings something new or original into being.

I think of myself as a self-transformation content curator because I direct others to the ‘teachers’ and resources I found to be the most effective for overcoming my fears, doubts, negative self-talk and dysfunctional behaviours.

I do this by organising the material into a format that is simple to understand, relatable and practical.  The result is a unique curriculum that breaks the process of self-transformation into seven stage or phases, with the aim of making the work more digestible.  In this aspect I am also a content creator.

Of course, in both curating and creating the skill lies in how the content is received and applied, and the effectiveness is determined by the lasting, positive change experienced by the consumer.

PP: How does one know they are living their purpose?

KA: Your purpose is a combination of your unique skills, talents, qualities and life experiences that allow you to serve others in a way that only you can.

Salvatore Battaglia is the epitome of a man living his purpose.  In my experience, he exudes enthusiasm and passion for what he does, and becomes more energised and animated when talking about aromatherapy, essential oils and chakras.

I imagine for Salvatore his role at Perfect Potion doesn’t feel like work, and it’s the same for me.  Unlike some of my previous ‘careers’ I’ve never once lost my enthusiasm or belief in what I do now, regardless of the challenges.  If anything my mission to help others gives me more determination to keep going when I hit perceived roadblocks.

PP: Who has inspired you most on your journey to self-discovery? Why?

KA: Each of the ‘teachers’ I feature in my work helped me navigate a different part of my journey.  In my experience there was no ‘one’ person who had all the answers or provided more inspiration that another.  Certainly, there were times and places in which a teacher or their information provided the essential ah-ha moment for my growth.

I hope my work will add to this collective source of inspiration to help others navigate their journey of self-discovery.


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