A Note for Vegans

So that vegans can carefully choose their Perfect Potion products, we have compiled a list of products which contain certified organic beeswax. These products are:

  • Protect & Repair Balm
  • Certified Organic Hair Balm
  • Beautiful Baby Bottom Balm
  • Replenish Night Balm
  • Chakra Balancing Balm
  • Lip Tints
    • Lakshmi, Sirona, Aphrodite and Venus
  • Aromatherapy Balms
    • Fix It, Breathe Easy, Chill Out, Relax, Active and Sweet Dreams

Over 300 Perfect Potion products do not contain any kind of animal ingredients and are therefore, completely vegan. We hope this helps you in choosing your Perfect Potion products. For further information please read the individual product information listed on each product page.