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Soft and Dewy Skincare Trio

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Nourish and hydrate your skin with luxurious NEW Instant Revelation Facial Polish, 500 Roses Facial Elixir + 50mL Certified Organic Rose Water Spray in Instant Revelation Soft & Dewy Skin Trio.


Normal, dry or mature.

Products included in this bundle:
Rose Water COSMOS Organic 50mL Spray   + $0.00
500 Roses Facial Elixir COSMOS Organic   + $0.00
Instant Revelation Facial Polish COSMOS Natural   + $0.00
Perfect Potion Calico Bag Large   + $0.00
500 Roses Skin Trio Gift Tag   + $0.00



    Reveal a fresh, natural glow with our newest skin saviour, Instant Revelation Facial Polish. Bursting with life-giving and rejuvenating Australian native botanicals and actives, this creamy, calming formulation gently polishes skin whilst boosting hydration levels, revealing a healthy, radiant complexion.

    Hydrate and refresh your skin with this delicate, certified organic floral water distilled from the petals of rosa damascena. Your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated and calm, and your senses uplifted by the delightful aromas of Certified Organic Rose Water Spray.

    A synergy of skin rejuvenating rose otto, omega 3-6-7-9 fatty acids and nutritive botanical antioxidants stimulates and supports healthy, glowing skin. Lightweight and readily absorbed, certified organic 500 Roses Facial Elixir imparts supple, silky smooth, hydrated skin.

    WATCH VIDEO How to use Instant Revelation

    Mix one teaspoon with one to two teaspoons of water or cleanser into Instant Revelation Facial Polish to form a smooth paste. Gently massage over a clean damp face and rinse well.

    Use 2-3 times a week after cleansing.

    As an alternative to water or cleanser use floral waters, herbal infusions, fruit pulp or yoghurt.
    After exfoliating, Instant Revelation may be left on the skin as a mask for 5 – 10 minutes to further soften and hydrate the skin and boost circulation in the skin.

    Follow with Rose Water before applying 500 Roses Facial Elixir.

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