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Cruelty Free

A super-concentrated warming and invigorating potion for active people.
Use this natural, aluminium-free deodorant to smell and feel fresh as you work or play. New formula plus glass packaging.
Keep your muscles relaxed and supple as you work or play with this warming and invigorating massage oil for active people
Feel instant relief with this super-charged muscle spray for active people.
Refresh and treat your body to a cooling after sun treatment.
In Chinese philosophy, 'air' represents a time for cleansing and breathing.
Enhance your creative and sexual energy.
Give your lips a kiss of rich, warm red colour and nourish them with organic coconut and olive oils.
A clear oil, with a light texture. It has a slight nutty aroma. The easily absorbing, light texture makes it suitable for use as
Enjoy the magic of aromatherapy with this aromatherapy kit containing eight 5mL pure essential oils with a diverse range of arom
Naturally protect your hands with lemon, lavender and tea tree
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