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DIY & Base Products

A clear oil, with a light texture. It has a slight nutty aroma. The easily absorbing, light texture makes it suitable for use as
Soothes and helps heal rough, chapped and slightly damaged skin.
Beneficial for restoring and nourishing your skin.
The rich nature and tropical scent makes it a luxurious body oil or hair conditioning treatment.
Rich in essential fatty acids and vital nutrients for the maintenance of healthy skin cells.
From the native olive tree of Palestine, the ancient home of olive oil, this fruity and flavourful olive oil has been grown orga
Suitable for all skin types Can be used as a base oil for the dilution of essential oils to make aromatherapy massage oils or tr
Create your own moisturiser made from pure plant ingredients for your body or face.
Create your own individual scent and express your uniqueness.
Ideal for very dry, sensitive red skin
A superbly moisturising massage oil base.
Store your pure essential oils in style!
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