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Australian Essential Oils

These Australian native essential oils have a very diverse range of properties and incredible antimicrobial properties that will
The fresh scent of Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Essential Oil is energising, balancing and purifying.
Broad-leaved peppermint eucalyptus has a fresh spicy-minty and slightly camphoraceous odour which is invigorating.
The aroma of lemon scented eucalyptus is fresh, alive and full of vitality. It creates a sense of freedom and excitement.
Fragonia has a delicate floral aroma which is soothing and comforting.
Kunzea has a fresh and slightly spicy aroma.
Lemon Myrtle has an intense lemony aroma which is uplifting and invigorating.
Tea tree oil is well known for its medicinal properties. The scent of tea tree is refreshing and purifying.
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