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Pure Essential Oils

Regain self confidence and uplift your spirits with the fresh, sweet scent of bergamot.
The scent of cardamom promotes clarity, motivation, focus, courage and confidence.
The woody, balsamic scent of Atlas cedarwood has a soothing, grounding and harmonising effect.
The scent of German chamomile is emotionally soothing.
The scent of Roman chamomile is harmonising, serene and peaceful. It promotes inner peace.
The rich, warm, spicy scent of cinnamon bark is warming and comforting.
The fresh aroma of citronella is refreshing and uplifting.
The sweet, nutty and herbaceous scent of clary sage is euphoric and harmonising.
This Limited Edition batch of clary sage oil is euphoric and uplifting.
The spicy invigorating scent of clove bud is energising and purifying. It creates a warm, sensual and festive mood.
The refreshing scent of cypress is helpful during times of change.
Promotes emotional stability and calm.
The sweet, spicy scent of sweet fennel seed is invigorating and motivating. It promotes clarity, courage and confidence.
Spiritually uplifting, used in meditation it enhances spiritual wisdom and inspiration.
A pale yellow oil with a fresh, sweet woody aroma and a balsamic undertone.
The fresh, herbaceous and floral scent of geranium is harmonising and comforting
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