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Goddess with Many Faces

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Discover the goddess archetypes active in your psyche.
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A tool to inspire women to step out of any shadow and to shine the light within us, both individually and collectively.

Often called the ‘modern-day Mary Poppins’, Sze Wing Vetault is a coach, author and creative entrepreneur specializing in personal development and spirituality.

Goddess with Many Faces draws on psychology, mythology and spirituality to provide a deep examination of the archetypal energies women experience through different stages of their lives.

Readers will discover the goddess archetypes active in their psyche, and how they can affect decision-making, relationships, life pathways and priorities. The goddess myths are rich in wisdom and provide readers with a mystical roadmap to guide their own Hero/Heroine Journeys towards personal transformation.

With useful self-care tools, including aromatherapy, wellbeing practices and self-reflective questions, this practical guide will empower women to gain a more profound understanding of career, family and relationships and offers hands-on advice on how to navigate life’s journey.

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