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Lavender Oil

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The fresh floral scent of lavender is calming and harmonising.
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A colourless or pale yellow oil with a floral, herbaceous, sweet scent and a balsamic woody undertone.

Botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia



Method of extraction

Steam Distillation

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Lavender Essential Oil is reported as follows: a-pinene (0.02-0.67%),  limonene (0.02-0.68%), 1,8-cineole (0.01-0.21%), cis-ocimene (1.35-2.87%), trans-ocimene (0.86-1.36%), 3-octanone (1.75- 3.04%), camphor (0.54-0.89%), linalool (29.35-41.62%), linalyl acetate (46.71-53.80%), caryophyllene (2.64-5.05%), terpinen-4-ol (0.03-4.16%), lavendulyl acetate (0.27-4.24%).


The fresh floral scent of lavender is harmonising and calming. It promotes compassion and healing. It is used to soothe all skin types.


Add 2 drops to oil vaporiser or bath or 5 drops to every 10ml carrier oil.

Essential Oil Monograph

To learn even more about this beautiful oil read Sal's FREE Lavender monograph here - Lavender Monograph PDF here

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