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Geranium, Bourbon Oil LIMITED EDITION

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This Limited Edition bourbon geranium oil from Madagascar is the finest quality.
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Geranium from Madagascar is considered the finest quality geranium and is also known as rose geranium oil.

I am often asked “Why don’t we stock rose geranium?” This is a trade name that has no real meaning. I prefer to use the technical name for the oil, but if there were a rose geranium, this would be it. This batch of Bourbon geranium oil has the most delightful, sweet, rosy and herbaceous aroma. - Sal

Botanical name

Pelargonium graveolens



Method of extraction

Steam distillation


A green-olive coloured oil with a powerful diffusive aroma.
  • Note – middle note
  • Top – fresh, green and leafy
  • Body – rosy, minty and herbaceous
  • Dryout – sweet and herbaceous
  • Batch number - 804111

    Major constituents

    limonene 0.26%, linalool 4.28%, cis rose oxide 0.78%, trans rose oxide 0.33%, citronellal 0.09%, menthone 1.45%, isomenthone 6.4%, a-terpineol 0.23%, citronellol 22.33%, geraniol 15.28%, geranial 1.03%, citronellyl formate 10.13%, geranyl formate 6.57%, geranyl acetate 0.36%, neryl acetate 0.02%, ß-bourbonene 1.13%, guaia-6,9-diene 8.26%, a-humulene 1.55%, germacrene D 1.14%, geranyl isobutyrate 1.09%, geranyl tiglate 1.51%.


    The fresh, herbaceous and floral scent of geranium is harmonising and comforting.

    Essential Oil Monograph

    To learn even more about this beautiful oil read Sal's FREE Geranium monograph here - Geranium Monograph PDF.

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