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Chakra Balancing Bath Soak

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Rebalance and harmonise your chakra energy centres.
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Chakra Balancing Bath Soak

When we awaken and balance our chakras, we unleash the potential to live a rich and vibrant life. Chakra Balancing Bath Soak contains red rose petals and contains sweet orange, bergamot, lavender, ylang ylang, mandarin, geranium, cold pressed lime, patchouli, frankincense, Atlas cedarwood, vetiver root, clary sage, rosemary, rose absolute, Australian sandalwood, cypress, ginger, juniper berry, may chang, neroli, sage, everlasting, jasmine, pink lotus and rose otto pure essential oils

How to use

Add 2 tablespoons to warm bath water and dissolve. Soak in this balancing bath for approximately 20 minutes. Use with other products in the Chakra Balancing Range.

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