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Skin Elixir Body Oil

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This certified organic, nutrient-rich body oil will nourish your body and soul.
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Nourish your body and soul with the sacred, aromatic and nutrient-rich skin elixir body oil. Macadamia, jojoba, avocado and calendula oils feed and nurture the skin while pure essential oils of patchouli, everlasting, frankincense and lavender improve and encourage healthy cell growth.

Create a supportive and nurturing ritual for your whole body using healing certified organic oils.

  • Carrot oil provides valuable antioxidants and vitamin A to heal and normalise skin function.
  • Fast absorbing plant oils soften and protect the skin from moisture loss.
  • Vitamin E heals damaged skin and helps protect against further damage.
  • Calendula oil is known to heal cuts and minimise scarring.

Pure certified organic essential oils support and nurture.

  • Regenerate damaged skin cells with patchouli and everlasting pure essential oils.
  • Aid in wound healing and reduce scarring with frankincense and lavender pure essential oils.

How to use

Smooth Skin Elixir Body Oil over your whole body after a shower or bath to keep it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

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