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The sweet citrus scent of mandarin is cheerful, gentle and refreshing.
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An orange coloured oil with an intensely sweet, citrus odour.

Botanical name

Citrus reticulata



Method of extraction

Cold Pressed

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Mandarin Essential Oil: a-thujone (0.76-0.96%), a-pinene (2.12-2.54%), camphene (0.02%) sabinene(0.24-0.29%), b-pinene (0.25-1.82%), myrcene(1.69-1.77%), limonene (67.92-74.00%), g-terpinolene (16.78-21.02%), linalool (0.05-0.16%), citronellal (0.02-0.04%), terpinen-4-oll (0.02-0.06%), nerol (0.01-0.02%), geranial (0.03-0.06%).


The sweet, citrus scent of mandarin is cheerful, gentle, and refreshing.


Add 5 drops to oil vaporiser or 2 drops to every 10ml carrier oil.

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