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Calendula Infused Oil

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Normal, dry, senstitive

Soothes and helps heal rough, chapped and slightly damaged skin.
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Ideal to apply to rough, chapped and slightly damaged skin.

Botanical name

Calendula officinalis (calendula) infused in helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil.


Calendula Infused Oil possesses soothing and healing properties that make it suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and baby's skin. Great to apply to rough, chapped and slightly damaged skin which has been exposed to the elements.

Typical fatty acid profile

An infused oil which has been made by macerating Calendula officinalis flowers in sunflower oil. Ratio of the calendula infused oil to the herb is 10 parts to 1.

Method of extraction


How to use

Massage Certified Organic Calendula Infused Oil directly into the affected area as required or add 20 drops to 10ml of carrier oil or massage oil. Blend with your favourite essential oil to make a personalised massage oil.

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