Sacred Perfume Complete Kit LIMITED EDITION

These blends are truly divine. They will nurture your soul, instil enlightenment, evoke wisdom & cultivate a deep sense of calm.



    Indulge in all four of these rare and sacred perfumes with this exclusive offer.
    Valued at $243.75

    Kit includes:

    • Pink Lotus 5mL sacred perfume LIMITED EDITION
    • Labdanum 5mL sacred perfume LIMITED EDITION
    • Oud 5mL sacred perfume LIMITED EDITION
    • Yakusugi 5mL sacred perfume LIMITED EDITION
    • FREE 80 page preview booklet for Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Vol II - Science & Therapeutics & Vol III - Psyche & Subtle
    • Perfect Potion calico bag

    Pink Lotus

    Pink lotus absolute is one of rarest and most precious natural aromatic ingredients. The lotus symbolises the subtle qualities of purity, divinity, beauty, resurrection and enlightenment. Pink lotus sacred perfume oil epitomizes the subtle qualities of the lotus. Its sweet, floral, ethereal, earthy aroma has been blended with Bourbon geranium, sweet orange, patchouli, rose absolute and Santalum album.


    Perfect Potion’s yakusugi oil is distilled from the dead wood from Japanese cedar that is over 1,000 years old. The subtle, woody aroma of yakusugi blends perfectly with sandalwood oil from sustainably and plantation grown Santalum album, white frankincense from the highly prized resin from Boswellia sacra, and the heavenly aroma of neroli. These oils have traditionally been used to promote a reflective and contemplative mind in preparation for meditation, prayer and spiritual practice.


    Also known as agarwood, Oud is often described as having the most complex olfactory accords known in perfumery. Perfect Potion’s agarwood oil is produced from sustainably cultivated Aguilaria trees in Australia. The scent of Oud is highly prized in the Middle East and is used to instil a deep sense of inner peace and spiritual calm. The complex earthy aroma of oud has been blended with clove bud, myrrh, patchouli, rose absolute, Santalum album and vetiver.


    Also known as cistus or rock rose, Labdanum has been described as the scent of divination. Labdanum brings warmth and comfort in times of spiritual and emotional distress. Labdanum sacred perfume nurtures and heals a troubled spirit. The deep, spicy, resinous scent of labdanum has been blended with clove bud, everlasting, frankincense, geranium, patchouli, rose absolute, Santalum album and vetiver.

    Roll on perfume oil to wrists and inhale deeply. Also apply to all pulse points to benefit from the recurring aroma release as the body warms up throughout the day.

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