Rose Replenish Skin Care Gift Set

Our two most-loved beauty potions.

500 Roses Facial Elixir | Replenish Ultra-Rich Moisture Cream

Enhance your natural beauty with two decadent, nutrient-dense potions infused with heavenly rose otto. These two beauty potions revitalise and nourish dry, dehydrated and mature skin back to a healthy, dewy glow to reveal velvety petal-softness. Massage the beautifying elixir and buttery moisture cream into your face, neck and decolletage to imbibe the skin with bioactive Australian botanicals, antioxidant-rich superfruits and reparative, divinely-aromatic pure essential oils.

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Products included in this bundle:
500 Roses Facial Elixir COSMOS Organic   + $64.96
Replenish Ultra-Rich Moisture Cream COSMOS Organic   + $54.95
Perfect Potion Calico Bag Small   + $3.95
500 Roses Skin Duo Gift Tag   + $0.00



    500 Roses Facial Elixir

    More than 500 roses were harvested to create this bottle of luxurious-yet-lightweight facial elixir; which uplifts the heart and nurtures radiant, petal-soft skin. A divine synergy of rose otto pure essential oil, nourishing omega 3-6-7-9 fatty acids, and nutritive botanical antioxidants found in carrot seed, rosehip, argan, macadamia, and jojoba oils imbibe the skin with glowing goodness. This golden miracle oil rejuvenates the skin and leaves it velvety-soft and smelling like roses at dawn.

    Replenish Ultra-Rich Moisture Cream

    Our best-selling Replenish Ultra-Rich Moisture Cream deeply replenishes and rejuvenates the skin with bioactive Australian native botanicals and nourishing essential fatty acids in macadamia, avocado, carrot, calendula and Vitamin E. Antioxidant-rich Australian superfruits Kakadu plum, Davidson plum and Emu apple are packed with vitamin C for glowing skin, and this decadent cream is also infused with reparative, revitalising and divinely aromatic pure essential oils of dreamy rose otto, delicate notes of patchouli, and sacred frankincense.

    Step One
    Cleanse your skin using your preferred Perfect Potion cleanser.

    Step Two
    Tone your skin with your favourite Perfect Potion facial mist.

    Step Three
    Massage a few drops of 500 Roses Facial Elixir into your skin, using circular movements working up and away from the centre of your face. If you use a Gua Sha or crystal roller, massage in upwards strokes from the centre to the hairline.

    TIP - Practise mindfulness by paying conscious attention to the velvety texture of the luxurious oil on your skin, how the pressure feels as you massage your face, and how the heavenly aroma makes you feel.

    RITUALISE - Repeat loving affirmations as you imbue your skin with the precious rose, linked with goddesses of love, beauty and pleasure.

    Step Four
    Smoothe our luxurious and decadent Replenish Ultra-Rich Moisture Cream into your face, neck and decollatage. 

    TIP - Use slow, steady, intentional movements to fully appreciate the luxury of this cream. Feel the buttery texture, breathe in the captivating aroma, and appreciate the powerful active botanicals.

    RITUALISE - Look into your reflection with love and kindness; appreciating your unique, natural beauty as you practise self-care. Realise you are incredible, beautiful and irreplacable and honour your inner divinity with this sacred self-love practise.

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