Rose Otto Oil 2.5mL

The heavenly fragrance of rose otto is associated with the realm of angels and the energy of universal love. 
Rose otto opens the heart to love, heals emotional wounds, and allows all forms of love to blossom.

The most treasured of the rose essential oils is rose otto - the steam-distilled essence of the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena) flower. This exquisite oil is created using thousands of sustainably-cultivated rose petals.

*Please note that the 2.5mL pure essential oil is contained in a 5mL bottle.
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The fresh floral scent of rose otto is harmonising, comforting, gentle and caring.

A pale-yellow to yellowish-green oil with a warm, deep-floral, slightly spicy and immensely rich, truly reminiscent of red roses.

Botanical name

Rosa damascena 


Bulgaria, Turkey

Method of extraction

Water distillation 

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Rose Otto: (-)-citronellol (34-55%), phenyl ethanol (1.5-3%), geraniol and nerol (30-40%), farnesol (0.2-2%), stearpoten (16-22%) with traces of nonanol, linalool, nonanal, phenylacetaldehyde, citral, carvone, citrenellyl.

Add 2-5 drops of Rose Otto Oil to your Perfect Potion diffuser or oil burner.

You can also add 2-5 drops to every 10ml of pure vegetable oil to use as a massage oil or add 2-5 drops to 10ml dispersing bath oil base for an aromatherapy bath.


rosa damascena (rose otto) oil

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