Review & Win Terms and Conditions

Review & Win Competition 2021


Perfect Potion
7 Guardhouse Road, Banyo

Start Date: May 1st 2021
End Date: September 30th 2021

Prize Total Value: $500 (10,000 rewards points)
Each month 2000 rewards points will be won, over 5 months. Winning rewards point will have a 3 month expiry date from date of allocation.

Conditions of entry

1. Customer must own an online account
2. Review must be of a product owned and experienced by customer
3. Customer must be over the age of 18
4. Review must be approved and published according to review and terms and conditions
5. Customer must have an eligible email address
6. It is the customers responsibility to have ongoing access to their account
7. Excludes practitioner & wholesale accounts

How to enter

Customer must visit and log into their customer account.  If they do not have an account a new one can be created.  Customer must review a product on the website available for review. Positive, neutral and negative entries will be eligible.  All reviews must be a true reflection of the customers experience with the product, and must be an honest refelction of their view.  Each approved and published review will qualify as one entry into the monthly competition.

Perfect Potion reserves the right condense, change, withhold publication, remove or delete any content on Perfect Potions website deemed to violate the terms and conditions of reviews. In the event a product is removed from website during the competition period, those reviews will still be included in the competition. 

How and when the winning entry is chosen

All approved and published reviews for each month will be read by the Perfect Potion marketing department and the best 10 written reviews will be chosen and presented to Salvatore Battaglia who will then choose the final winner based on the following criteria:

1. Ideal length of review is between 40-80 words
2. Review includes the affects on either mind, body or spirit (or all)
3. A fair and honest review, true to your authentic experience the reviewed product
4. On a product that you have genuinely tried in the correct manner
5. A description of how the aroma smells to you
6. Positive, neautral and negative reviews will all go into the competition

May 2021 review winner will be announced on June 10th 2021.
June 2021 review winner will be announced on July 9th 2021.
July 2021 review winner will be announced on August 10th 2021.
August 2021 review winner will be announced on September 10th 2021.
September 2021 review winner will be announced on October 11th 2021.

How the winner is announced & how to claim prize

The winner will be contacted via email address attached to their online Customer Account.  Each month the winners name and review will be published on the Review & Win web page.  2000 rewards points will automatically added to the winners online account on the day of announcement, the rewards points will expire after 3 months. If points are unclaimed in this time they will become void.

Rewards points can be claimed at checkout, when logged into your account.

Permit Number

Not required, competition is based on skill.

Collection of information

All reviews collected may be used in