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Restore Aromatherapy Bundle

Restore vitality, strength, willpower and courage with this beautiful, recuperative blend. This blend is rejuvenating for those who are mentally or physically exhausted.

The fresh, herbaceous scent of rosemary is strengthening and invigorating, and the vibrant citrus aroma of yuzu is bursting with optimism to lift the spirit. Black pepper’s warm, spicy scent encourages confidence and black spruce adds the invigorating freshness of the forest; encouraging the endurance of the soul.

2 drops Yuzu
2 drops Black Spruce
1 drop Rosemary
1 drop Black Pepper

Diffuse this blend to bring you back to the present moment and revitalise the spirit

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Products included in this bundle:
Yuzu Expeller Pressed Oil 5mL   + $39.95
Spruce, Black Oil   + $29.95
Rosemary Oil   + $18.95
Black Pepper Oil   + $29.95



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