Rejuventation Duo

Rejuventation Duo

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For immediate skin rejuvenation

SKIN TYPE: dry, damaged and mature skin

  • Nourishes and restores damaged skin
  • Warm, rich floral, herbaceous aroma
  • Softens and protects dry skin
100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free
Cruelty Free
Australian Made
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced

Skin Elixir

Restore your skin with this regenerative and antioxidant-rich elixir for the skin.

When your skin is damaged and needs to be nourished, apply this wholesome composition of natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and pure essential oils.

Rosehip, wheatgerm, calendula, carrot and vitamin E oils provide your skin with skin softening, protective and nourishing ingredients while pure essential oils of patchouli, frankincense and everlasting rejuvenate and restore its resilience.

A note for wheat and gluten sensitivities – this product contains wheatgerm oil.
A note for vegans - this product contains beeswax.

Skin Elixir Nourishing Cream

This rich, creamy elixir absorbs deeply - nourishing, hydrating and supercharging the skin with bioactive Australian native botanicals, nourishing essential fatty acids and rejuvenating pure essential oils.

Formulated with Australian desert fruits to hydrate the skin and supply it with antioxidants to support collagen health, restore skin resilience and vitality. Nutrient-rich rosehip, macadamia, avocado and carrot oils along with shea butter nourish the skin with essential fatty acids restoring skin softness and suppleness. Everlasting essential oil rejuvenates and repairs the skin while comforting the soul.