Chamomile, Roman Pure Essential Oil 2mL

Chamomile, Roman Pure Essential Oil 2mL

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The scent of Roman chamomile is harmonising, serene and peaceful. It promotes feelings of inner peace.

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A pale-yellow viscous oil with with a fruity-warm and tea leaf-like aroma.

Botanical name: Anthemis nobilis

Origin: Italy

Method of extraction: Steam distillation

Major constituents
A typical chemical composition of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: a-pinene (0.5-10.0%), camphene (0.-0.5%), b-pinene (0-10.0%), sabinene (0-10.%), myrcene  (0.-0.5%), 1,8 cineole (0.5-25%), g-terpinene  (0.-0.5%), caryophyllene (0-10.0%), propyl angelate (0.5-10.0%), butyl angelate (0.5-10.0%).