Rare Japanese Essential Oils Mini Masterclass
Rare Japanese Essential Oils Mini Masterclass

Rare Japanese Essential Oils Mini Masterclass

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Presented by Salvatore Battaglia

Release Date: Wednesday 17th May 2023

Japan is home to many unique plants that are well known for their traditional and medicinal uses. The essential oils of these plants are fascinating and quite unique. In this mini masterclass I introduce you to two of these unique essential oils kuromoji (Lindera umbellate) and Sanshyo (Zanthoxylum piperitum) also known as mountain pepper or Japanese pepper.

We discuss the traditional uses of these plants, we explore the chemistry of the two oils which allows us to provides us with valuable insight into the aroma therapeutic uses of the oils. We meet the distiller of these precious oils who follows strict sustainability practices and support and respect the needs and traditional practices of the local communities from which the plants can be found.

Mini masterclasses will be released via the Perfect Potion education platform, and can be accessed for one year to view after release date. Each mini masterclass consists of a 1 hour video and notes.

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