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Sleep and Relax Workshop | Perfect Potion


Sleep and Relax with Aromatherapy | $29.95

20 minute workshop plus notes

In this online workshop we will discuss how to use Aromatherapy to improve sleep as well as other important lifestyle modifications to help you get a good night’s rest’. Discover the importance of a good night’s sleep and the top essential oils to use to use. Discover how you can create a simple sleep ritual to introduce into your everyday.




Easy Blending Workshop


Easy Blends Workshop | $29.95

20 minute workshop plus notes

This simple introduction workshop is designed to give you a general understanding of 8 most commonly used essential oils and how to blend them in your home or office.  Learn simple ways to use essential oils in your home safely. This workshop would be ideal if you are a new comer to aromatherapy and want to learn how to introduce aromatherapy into your life safely.