Your Self- Love Bath Ritual!


Honouring body, mind & soul…

-Alex from Albert St


  • A bathtub or a big bowl if you’re indulging in a foot soak
  • Your favourite petals, flowers and herbs – try rose, lavender, rosemary or calendula
  • Between 1 cup and 500g of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). Adjust amount depending on your body and what you feel you need.


Your Ritual…bathingredients

  • Run your bath (or fill your bowl if you’re enjoying a foot soak)
  • Dim the lighting, light some candles, quieten the space, diffuse your favourite, most soothing essential oil/s
  • If you feel you would like to listen to music, choose something you love, something soothing that makes you feel good!
  • Add all the salts and sprinkle the petals into the water with the intention of taking this moment entirely for yourself, for relaxation and for connection
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes
  • If you have trouble settling into this try brewing a big cup of soothing herbal tea to sip on while you’re in the bath.
  • This is your chill time, make it what you want!
  • When you’re ready to step out of your soak, dry off and massage your skin with your favourite body oil or lotion.