World Environment Day and Perfect Potion

We’ve been inspired by World Environment Day, and as such, we’re celebrating our very own Perfect Potion Environment Month right here on our blog.

For the whole month of June, we’ll be posting blog posts about our impacts on the environment and what we do to look after our beautiful earth.

For our first blog post, we decided to discuss scrubs and exfoliants.

Perfect Potion: Scrubs, exfoliants and impacting our waterways

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is ‘connecting people to nature.’ We know our customers care about the environment; you consider your connection to the environment every day, that’s why you choose to shop with Perfect Potion. Many of you are also aware of the other creatures who share the earth with you.

At Perfect Potion, we care about the environment and its creatures. There are many ways we do this; from being a COSMOS natural certified company to our exfoliants being plant-derived and biodegradable instead of containing microbeads. All our decisions to help the environment, contribute to caring for the creatures that live in it.

Using no microbeads in our products means that our oceans and waterways don’t get polluted. In 2012 a discovery made in the Great Lakes of North America prompted the push to ban microbeads in beauty products. What was uncovered was that microbeads were being found by the trillions in waterways and in the bodies of fish.

What are microbeads?

Microbeads are small plastic particles less than 5mm in diameter.


What are they used in?

Microbeads can be found in scrubs, exfoliants and toothpaste.


What are our exfoliants and scrubs made out of?

Our scrubs and exfoliants are plant derived. This means that we use natural ingredients to achieve an exfoliating sensation. For example, our Cinnamon Facial Scrub uses cinnamon and polished walnut shells to help alleviate oily and combination skin. The walnut shells gently buff your skin and reduce pore build-up. Our Zest Body Polish uses Murray Darling River salt to invigorate and buff your skin, while our Bare Faced Exfoliant uses rice granules to reveal soft, smooth skin. Lastly, our beautiful Papaya Enzyme Mask uses active papaya enzymes to absorb impurities from the pores and dissolve dead skin.

To learn more about Perfect Potion and how we try our best to positively impact the environment, stay tuned for more blog posts coming this month.



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